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Sister with knife. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream sister with knife. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

widowed sister 58
Meaning of the dream: supports secrets

threaten with knife 51
Description: skill and luck

killed with knife 1
Interpretation of the dream: renovation

scrape with knife 64
Translation: circles help someone

shave with a knife 75
Dream description: willingness combative

sister alive 78
Meaning: willingness stubborn

sister of milk 23
Translation of the dream: new friends

armed with a knife 10
Interpretation: small talk

wounding with a knife 33
Sense of the dream: accidents and falls

bark with a knife 18
What does it mean: financial constraints

younger sister 28
Meaning of the dream: disagreement with her mother

sister drowned 23
Description: conflicts and quarrels

heir sister 40
Interpretation of the dream: uncertainties about the future

loving sister 15
Translation: return of money

sister 26
Dream description: a person who loves will be of great help

dead sister 27
Meaning: Good news and novelties

cut yourself with a knife 10
Translation of the dream: self-doubt

sister married 13
Interpretation: actions inconsistent

arrest of sister 72
Sense of the dream: combativeness

arrival of sister 6
What does it mean: confidence and sincerity

arm yourself with knife 41
Meaning of the dream: minor accident

Sister of Charity 20
Description: astuteness

stroking her sister 21
Interpretation of the dream: new forces

muffled cough with knife 53
Translation: sentimental defeat

imprison her sister 90
Dream description: sorrows and worries

caress her sister 4
Meaning: impatience environment

wield a knife 41
Translation of the dream: hard work

resemble sister 23
Interpretation: mental clarity

cut with the knife 35
Sense of the dream: concerns for a child

knife 41
What does it mean: poverty or misfortune

older sister 30
Meaning of the dream: pride and courage

insult sister 78
Description: desire to escape

see his sister 7
Interpretation of the dream: mentality practice

bloody knife 43
Translation: prudence in speech

dirty knife 22
Dream description: commitments unwelcome

blunt knife 41
Meaning: poverty or misfortune

call her sister 81
Translation of the dream: concerns falling

sharp knife 11
Interpretation: insinuations do not collect

broken knife 13
Sense of the dream: trends to be monitored

knife rusty 31
What does it mean: loss, numerous setbacks caused by envious

marry his sister 11
Meaning of the dream: news by letter

challenge knife 69
Description: stubbornness and pride

handle knife 16
Interpretation of the dream: you missed some good opportunities

sharpen a knife 36
Translation: anger and sorrow

knife sharpness 22
Dream description: waste of money

sheathe knife 51
Meaning: nervousness and irritation

use the knife 38
Translation of the dream: prestigious position

pinning a knife 61
Interpretation: You win your battle

abandoned by her sister 33
Sense of the dream: Councils concerned

find a knife 30
What does it mean: choice to make

altercation with sister 27
Meaning of the dream: You have regard for a person

knife that does not cut 81
Description: weak character

confide to his sister 8
Interpretation of the dream: prosperity

hold a knife for the blade 13
Translation: your wrong position