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Stealing grapes from the vine. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream stealing grapes from the vine. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

grapes on the vine 64
Meaning of the dream: physically fit

vine without grapes 81
Description: affective inconstancy

vine of black grapes 6
Interpretation of the dream: resourcefulness

vine with white grapes 37
Translation: encouraging news

stealing grapes 55
Dream description: mood swings

vine strain 47
Meaning: abundance and fertility

vine leaves 81
Translation of the dream: anger

Peas on the vine 4
Interpretation: Decision to be taken

climbing vine 30
Sense of the dream: minor setbacks

vine shoots 31
What does it mean: joy and gladness

vine pergola 38
Meaning of the dream: flattering promises

plant the vine 71
Description: quiet life

vine tendril 11
Interpretation of the dream: suffer persecution

cluster on the vine 81
Translation: You want to reach people far away

see ripe tomatoes on the vine 16
Dream description: joys nearby

Administrator stealing 20
Meaning: male admiration

stealing ring 50
Translation of the dream: failure of proposals

pickpocket stealing 85
Interpretation: victory over enmity

robber stealing 70
Sense of the dream: new hopes in the family

coal stealing 52
What does it mean: removal of a loved one

cashier stealing 31
Meaning of the dream: friction with employees

stealing cherries 14
Description: mishaps and troubles in the family

stealing a woman 66
Interpretation of the dream: waste of money

stealing diamond 12
Translation: source of income that fades

seeing a thief stealing 60
Dream description: need for caution

stealing jewelry 58
Meaning: failure

stealing a wallet 41
Translation of the dream: exploitation and harm

stealing a pack 59
Interpretation: hard struggle for life

stealing a suitcase 42
Sense of the dream: friendships insecure

stealing books 40
What does it mean: bond annoying

stealing fruit 13
Meaning of the dream: Strange Adventures

stealing a calf 6
Description: tumultuous relations

stealing a sapphire 31
Interpretation of the dream: waivers to do

art stealing 78
Translation: strong will

stealing holy water 12
Dream description: quarrelsome

grapes 20
Meaning: achieving a prominent position

treading grapes 28
Translation of the dream: misunderstanding by a woman

bunch of grapes 19
Interpretation: Fortunately particular and deep joy

dried grapes 59
Sense of the dream: next change

press for grapes 54
What does it mean: abundance of goods

sweet grapes 10
Meaning of the dream: unexpected meeting

white grapes 32
Description: ambitious projects

black grapes 33
Interpretation of the dream: momentary discouragement

red grapes 45
Translation: remarkable self-control

sour grapes 2
Dream description: tendency to depression

ripe grapes 6
Meaning: realizable dreams

grapes out of season 23
Translation of the dream: novelties in the professional field

table grapes 86
Interpretation: great deal at home