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Stealing a sapphire. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream stealing a sapphire. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

stealing a sapphire 31
Meaning of the dream: waivers to do

sapphire 3
Description: block and understanding of your unconscious

sapphire not mounted 9
Interpretation of the dream: distrust of relatives

sapphire mounted 90
Translation: heartbreak

sapphire on a ring 30
Dream description: intuition wrong

on a sapphire brooch 64
Meaning: small malaise

on a sapphire necklace 17
Translation of the dream: moral force

fake sapphire 69
Interpretation: physical endurance

buy a sapphire 81
Sense of the dream: economic concerns

give a sapphire 4
What does it mean: to overcome indecision

losing a sapphire 72
Meaning of the dream: actions turbulent

commit a sapphire 50
Description: fighting spirit

find a sapphire 18
Interpretation of the dream: trouble with family

receive a sapphire 71
Translation: fallacious illusions

sell sapphire 57
Dream description: difficult and challenging

Administrator stealing 20
Meaning: male admiration

stealing ring 50
Translation of the dream: failure of proposals

pickpocket stealing 85
Interpretation: victory over enmity

robber stealing 70
Sense of the dream: new hopes in the family

coal stealing 52
What does it mean: removal of a loved one

cashier stealing 31
Meaning of the dream: friction with employees

stealing cherries 14
Description: mishaps and troubles in the family

stealing a woman 66
Interpretation of the dream: waste of money

stealing diamond 12
Translation: source of income that fades

seeing a thief stealing 60
Dream description: need for caution

stealing jewelry 58
Meaning: failure

stealing a wallet 41
Translation of the dream: exploitation and harm

stealing a pack 59
Interpretation: hard struggle for life

stealing a suitcase 42
Sense of the dream: friendships insecure

stealing books 40
What does it mean: bond annoying

stealing fruit 13
Meaning of the dream: Strange Adventures

stealing grapes 55
Description: mood swings

stealing a calf 6
Interpretation of the dream: tumultuous relations

art stealing 78

stealing holy water 12
Dream description: quarrelsome