Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

Sapphire mounted. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: sapphire mounted

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sapphire not mounted 9
Meaning of the dream: distrust of relatives

sapphire mounted 90
Dream Interpretation: heartbreak

brilliant mounted 72
Meanings of dreams: aggressive manifestations

cameo mounted 90
Dream Interpretations: heightened sensitivity

mounted on a stool 22
What does this mean: misdirected ambition

mounted troops 2
What does it mean: joy from new relationships

mounted on a horse or mare 49
Meaning of the dream: You will purchase in a very short time honors and dignity

glasses mounted in gold 12
Dream Interpretation: malicious gossip

sapphire 3
Meanings of dreams: block and understanding of your unconscious

sapphire on a ring 30
Dream Interpretations: intuition wrong

on a sapphire brooch 64
What does this mean: small malaise

on a sapphire necklace 17
What does it mean: moral force

fake sapphire 69
Meaning of the dream: physical endurance

buy a sapphire 81
Dream Interpretation: economic concerns

give a sapphire 4
Meanings of dreams: to overcome indecision

losing a sapphire 72
Dream Interpretations: actions turbulent

stealing a sapphire 31
What does this mean: waivers to do

commit a sapphire 50
What does it mean: fighting spirit

find a sapphire 18
Meaning of the dream: trouble with family

receive a sapphire 71
Dream Interpretation: fallacious illusions

sell sapphire 57
Meanings of dreams: difficult and challenging

inhabitant of mountain 89
Dream Interpretations: conduct deserving

live in the mountains 69
What does this mean: earnings

mountaineer 24
What does it mean: You meet a dear friend or a dear friend

mountaineer with tools 31
Meaning of the dream: sudden sympathies

mountaineer only 46
Dream Interpretation: marital infidelity

mountaineer in a group 71
Meanings of dreams: threat of danger

mountaineer who climbs 76
Dream Interpretations: sudden fortunate circumstances

be a mountaineer 17
What does this mean: Dangerous Liaisons

mountaineer injured 32
What does it mean: moral suffering

height of a mountain 21
Meaning of the dream: statement of their views

mountain air 89
Dream Interpretation: happy journey

climbing a mountain 14
Meanings of dreams: overwork

bivouac in the mountains 41
Dream Interpretations: disease passing

climbing in the mountains 44
What does this mean: do conquests

cabin in the mountain 77
What does it mean: real hope

ox mountain to shore 24
Meaning of the dream: bad

socks mountaineer 60
Dream Interpretation: opposition to overcome

camping mountain 22
Meanings of dreams: programs to be fixed

yard mountain 3
Dream Interpretations: unexpected aid

hut in the mountains 6
What does this mean: overwork

mount a horse 23
What does it mean: sure hit

cave in the mountains 29
Meaning of the dream: attractive new commitments

top of a mountain 90
Dream Interpretation: economic benefits

mountain camp 25
Meanings of dreams: end of a flirt

rope mountain 67
Dream Interpretations: loyalty and kindness

mountain chorus 71
What does this mean: benevolence and aid

crest of the mountain 61
What does it mean: confidence in the future

descended from a mountain 17
Meaning of the dream: poor luck

landslide mountain 36
Dream Interpretation: intelligence and common sense

mountain hike 19
Meanings of dreams: next trip