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Start new activities. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream start new activities. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

start a speech 38
Meaning of the dream: inflexible character

start a heavy work 88
Description: gains difficult to secure

start the diet 90
Interpretation of the dream: business acumen

private activities 65
Translation: unreasonable ideas

start a lesson 22
Dream description: unprofitable business

undertake activities 8
Meaning: commitments to maintain

start a fight 73
Translation of the dream: Bad news

start a job 75
Interpretation: willingness snappy

new bleachers 76
Sense of the dream: good cooperation

start a conversation 70
What does it mean: momentary success

garters new 4
Meaning of the dream: dangerous temptations

start a journey 78
Description: uncertainty and doubt

new wrappers 20
Interpretation of the dream: proposals fallacious

new glazed 80
Translation: intrigue from foil

nibs new 70
Dream description: News coming soon

begin the harvest 7
Meaning: restlessness and contrasts

start a relationship 87
Translation of the dream: you regret the past

start driving in a car or plane 73
Interpretation: You miss an important appointment

start down the wrong path 60
Sense of the dream: good success

start down the right path 48
What does it mean: doubts tormenting

start an engine or a machine 53
Meaning of the dream: Useful Buying

new slippers 19
Description: disagreements with loved ones

new socks 1
Interpretation of the dream: unworkable ideas

begin commissioning 25
Translation: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

new business 43
Dream description: uncertainty

new hat 8
Meaning: diplomacy and cunning

start over 2
Translation of the dream: willingness snappy

new cemetery 12
Interpretation: good friendship nearby

crater in activity 69
Sense of the dream: request money

new livery 64
What does it mean: sense of justice and humanity

new wheelbarrow 4
Meaning of the dream: evidence of trust

begin to read 81
Description: troubling news

start writing 68
Interpretation of the dream: disputes

start the party 77
Translation: dangerous temptations

new wheelchair 10
Dream description: small annoyances

new boiler 13
Meaning: falsehood to a friend

start eating 66
Translation of the dream: existence agitated

new bicycle 48
Interpretation: extreme sensitivity

new tent 89
Sense of the dream: physical fatigue

new lens 5
What does it mean: requited love

adorn themselves with new things 13
Meaning of the dream: great good news waiting for you within a very short time

new pants 34
Description: delusions of grandeur

new jug 32
Interpretation of the dream: for a farmer, there will be abundant fruit and put in camps, for others, well-being and good fortune

strike a deal 33
Translation: laziness to win

embark summer 76
Dream description: economic well-being

delaying a start 86
Meaning: anxiety secret

new cage 58
Translation of the dream: rest, health

new Cardinal 55
Interpretation: try to react to slander

new town 57
Sense of the dream: good friendships

begin fasting 59
What does it mean: new worrying events

start playing 43
Meaning of the dream: sadness passing