Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

stacking boxes

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: stacking boxes

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34 stacking boxes
problems tiring

41 stacking furniture
heavy duty

82 stacking chairs

69 labels for boxes
greater relaxation

82 lined boxes
embarrassing choice

30 empty boxes
nervous disorders

51 broken boxes
risk of loss

71 shoe boxes
secret desires

51 hat boxes

58 tobacco boxes
donation of relatives

69 boxes of chocolates
change of situation

52 boxes of medicines
physical fatigue

20 boxes of nibs
unexpected joy

51 receive boxes
love declaration

87 boxer
explaining to do

4 boxer in the ring
embarrassment of choice

17 boxer on the ropes
unpleasant disillusionment

56 boxer in combat
reversal of position

23 boxer winner
exciting novelty

16 boxer won
loss of documents

13 boxer out of action
deceit of relatives

73 negro boxer
wasted effort

24 matchboxes
pride satisfied