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Embrace a woman. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream embrace a woman. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

embrace a woman 40
Meaning of the dream: injustice

embrace your children 5
Description: news reserved

embrace the enemy 41
Interpretation of the dream: fear vanished;

embrace friends 89
Translation: treachery

embrace the father 38
Dream description: intentions essays

embrace parents 4
Meaning: benefit

embrace an artist 66
Translation of the dream: successful business

embrace a giraffe 87
Interpretation: little attention from an important person

embrace one dead 65
Sense of the dream: health hazard

embrace relatives 79
What does it mean: treachery

embrace reprehensible 19
Meaning of the dream: false oaths

embrace animal 35

embrace a blind 54
Interpretation of the dream: disillusion

embrace a creditor 81
Translation: fear

embrace a debtor 53
Dream description: security

embrace friendly 50
Meaning: unnecessary waivers

embrace an old 67
Translation of the dream: concerns

hug a stranger 90
Interpretation: next trip

embrace the virgin 4
Sense of the dream: good luck

embrace a sick 13
What does it mean: Deception by friends

hug a friend 48
Meaning of the dream: novelty favorable

embrace between husband and wife 9

dishonor a woman 6
Interpretation of the dream: adventures difficult

blackmail a woman 70
Translation: Economic instability

burn a woman 18
Dream description: loss of security

push a woman 80
Meaning: uncertainties and doubts

hug your spouse 6
Translation of the dream: undue reliance

poison a woman 8

beautify a woman 54

drown a woman 83

stabbed by woman 21

delegate a woman 18
Description: sorrow and depression

seduce a woman 12
Interpretation of the dream: hidden desires

humiliate a woman 7
Translation: good relations

fascinate a woman 43
Dream description: malice in love

entice a woman 15
Meaning: lack of serenity

calm a woman 16
Translation of the dream: next war

bribe a woman 2
Interpretation: violence dangerous

revive a woman 44
Sense of the dream: disagreements over money

assaulting a woman 76

beat a woman 33
Meaning of the dream: morbid imagination

circumvent a woman 12
Description: adverse change

cheating a woman 77
Interpretation of the dream: harmful excesses

threaten a woman 38
Translation: sick passenger

caressing a woman 11
Dream description: treachery

console a woman 60
Meaning: bad business

reassure a woman 72
Translation of the dream: optimism and serenity

slapping a woman 51
Interpretation: sentimental surprises

dead woman 11
Sense of the dream: Crisis in love

reward a woman 18
What does it mean: damage and loss

release a woman 18
Meaning of the dream: deception uncovered

remind a woman 48
Description: solution of a problem

discredit a woman 84
Interpretation of the dream: intrigue and unclear situations

bitten by a woman 32

thank a woman 8
Dream description: passion

rescue a woman 74
Meaning: Good news

embrace a relative 60
Translation of the dream: ideas shot down

disarming a woman 19
Interpretation: danger of hostilities

search a woman 12
Sense of the dream: impediments and delays

scolding a woman 27
What does it mean: complications in negotiations

strip a woman 28
Meaning of the dream: unscrupulousness

brutally killing a woman 19
Description: excellent outcome of a deal

convalescent visit a woman 51
Interpretation of the dream: obstacles and hostilities