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Sprinkle with holy water. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: sprinkle with holy water

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sprinkle with holy water 24
Meaning of the dream: injustice

sprinkle holy water 8

sprinkle water 10
Meaning of the dream: high hopes

Holy water 15
Dream Interpretation: material well-being

be blessed with holy water 81
Meanings of dreams: desire for improvement

stealing holy water 12
Dream Interpretations: quarrelsome

pour holy water 16
What does this mean: vain aspirations

stack of holy water 60
What does it mean: material well-being

sign of the cross with holy water 34
Meaning of the dream: misunderstanding

sprinkle 25
Dream Interpretation: satisfaction and recognition

sprinkle rice 84
Meanings of dreams: danger of breakage

sprinkle pepper 36
Dream Interpretations: nervousness accentuated

sprinkle vinegar 86

sprinkle smell 72

sprinkle the blood 78

sprinkle with powder head 54
Meaning of the dream: you want to hide a bad action

holy will 9

holy year 25
Meaning of the dream: good resolutions

holy oil 69
Dream Interpretation: confident optimism

holy door 90
Meanings of dreams: great fortune

holy book 7
Dream Interpretations: unexpected visit

holy agnese 2
What does this mean: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

holy clotilde 63
What does it mean: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

holy genoveffa 28
Meaning of the dream: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

holy seat 90
Dream Interpretation: ambitious desires

Holy Week 24
Meanings of dreams: Negotiations advantageous

Holy Spirit 5
Dream Interpretations: hope, fatality

holy wine 60
What does this mean: voltage state

altar with a holy 49

holy kiss 17

holy child 66

holy carolina 55

holy ash 53

holy diana 38

holy gabriella 5

Holy thursday 24

holy laura 4

holy Monday 5

holy nun 7

holy order 56

holy penelope 21

Holy Cross 24

holy statue 6

Holy Land 5

pilgrimage to the holy land 39
Meaning of the dream: change of position

glass cabinet with holy 14

water 1
Meaning of the dream: desire to escape to discontent

well water 6
Dream Interpretation: quick decisions

still above water 22
Meanings of dreams: certainty in action

water well 67
Dream Interpretations: loneliness and abandonment by those you love

well with water 35
What does this mean: disappointments and reversals of situation

abhor the water 64
What does it mean: passing suffering

rain water 4
Meaning of the dream: small gain

sea water 29
Dream Interpretation: infirmity

river water 18
Meanings of dreams: good omen

mineral water 85
Dream Interpretations: expenses risky

thermal water 35
What does this mean: pleasant news

ice water 44
What does it mean: discouragement

running water 13
Meaning of the dream: requited love

clear water 53
Dream Interpretation: misunderstandings at work

cloudy water 44
Meanings of dreams: Good news

polluted water 72
Dream Interpretations: serenity

pour water 51
What does this mean: sorrows

bathing water 6
What does it mean: possible loss

water in wine 44
Meaning of the dream: economies needed

water plant 33
Dream Interpretation: sensitive nature

water sport 2
Meanings of dreams: patience in difficult relationships

ampoule with water 70
Dream Interpretations: dangerous antics