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Spitting irons radio. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream spitting irons radio. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

irons 58
Meaning of the dream: agitation of the spirit

sock irons 5
Description: hard work

irons tents 59
Interpretation of the dream: talk to women

shop irons 3

drill with irons 1

radio 90
Meaning: lack of decision

old radio 56
Translation of the dream: practical achievements

radio device 61
Interpretation: lack of decision

to listen to the radio 40
Sense of the dream: pleasant gatherings of friends

turn on the radio 30
What does it mean: emotional unrest

turn off the radio 48
Meaning of the dream: promises interesting

repair the radio 27
Description: small loss

break the radio 65
Interpretation of the dream: generosity

give the radio 1
Translation: agitation and anxiety

sell the radio 4
Dream description: gradual improvement

buy radio 26
Meaning: danger of deception

radio find again 24
Translation of the dream: losses scarce

transistor radio 16
Interpretation: happy marriage

crystal radio 42
Sense of the dream: sorrows of love

radio with headphones 10
What does it mean: quick decisions

subscribe to the radio 89
Meaning of the dream: missed appointment

do radio interviews 39
Description: good relations

radio station 58
Interpretation of the dream: pleasant trip

radio antenna 17
Translation: novelties like

Valve radio 31
Dream description: good economic situation

car radio 31

singing on the radio 77

radio audition 39

radio receiver 6

telegraph radio 4

radio transmitter 90

radio alarm 47
Description: you need to make healthy physical activity

radio engineer 8
Interpretation of the dream: you have something in your life that you would like to change

Amateur Radio be in communication 77
Translation: long and happy

adapt to an environment 42
Dream description: new openings in the labor

andirons 11
Meaning: certainty of being able in some enterprise

iron andirons 11
Translation of the dream: prudence with relatives

andirons copper 33
Interpretation: benevolence of young people

fireplace andirons 2
Sense of the dream: passion diminished

environment 84
What does it mean: new openings in the labor

environment friendly 4
Meaning of the dream: sentimental melancholy

environment infamous 61
Description: faithfulness in love

cold environment 38
Interpretation of the dream: arrogance of relatives

luxury environment 27
Translation: bad speculations

dirty environment 55
Dream description: revenge on enemies

clean environment 81
Meaning: exaggerations

dark environment 8
Translation of the dream: laziness harmful

bright environment 59
Interpretation: pedantry in work

ambiguous environment 65
Sense of the dream: improvements to be made in the work