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Spitting buttons. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream spitting buttons. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

rip buttons 19
Meaning of the dream: good working relationships

attaching buttons 60
Description: false flatterers

string of buttons 35
Interpretation of the dream: danger of errors

assortment of buttons 44
Translation: excessive severity

spit the pill 35
Dream description: feel useless the advice you are given

spit 73
Meaning: malice and slander

spit in the face 7
Translation of the dream: unnecessary waiting

spit rusty 20
Interpretation: accommodating nature

spit out the core 84
Sense of the dream: waste the true personality of your partner

spit on the ground 78
What does it mean: negative experience

spit with chickens 21
Meaning of the dream: many disputes

spit with birds 39
Description: serious enmities

white buttercups 80
Interpretation of the dream: contrasts with a child

metal button 32
Translation: dangerous trip

mother of pearl button 90
Dream description: cracks and separations

touch of a button 58
Meaning: unexpected proposals

buttoned cuffs 18
Translation of the dream: bond passenger

buy buttercups 71
Interpretation: happiness in love

sell buttercups 60
Sense of the dream: unstable character

unbutton her dress 60
What does it mean: thirst for freedom

breathe fire mouth 26
Meaning of the dream: danger of drowning

bellhop 44
Description: obedience, passion, idleness

splutter 21
Interpretation of the dream: malice and slander

spit fire 56
Translation: dangerous risks

flower buds 66
Dream description: rich surprises

button 65
Meaning: good omen

spit with meat 3
Translation of the dream: secret desires

unbutton 73
Interpretation: inner restlessness

white button 38
Sense of the dream: missed opportunity

broken button 54
What does it mean: window of opportunity

golden button 35
Meaning of the dream: bad advice

brilliant button 80
Description: gift on arrival

silver button 38
Interpretation of the dream: resentment to overcome

button bone 39
Translation: wins sensational

Wood Button 62
Dream description: violent arguments

overcoat button 41
Meaning: There you are freed of something

glass button 84
Translation of the dream: prodigality eccentric

colored button 88
Interpretation: You should begin to exploit your talents in other ways

Uniform button 14
Sense of the dream: tries to be wider views

buttoning leggings 45
What does it mean: illusions and extravagances

ivory button 1
Meaning of the dream: injustice

cotton button 21
Description: burning Love

alabaster button 17
Interpretation of the dream: return of an old flame

buttoning his shirt 1
Translation: quiet affair

Silk Button 83
Dream description: important innovations and changes

unbutton his pants 19
Meaning: fluctuations in the profession

unbutton his gloves 77
Translation of the dream: emotional sensitivity

button of his waistcoat 16
Interpretation: dispute with family

tortoiseshell button 6
Sense of the dream: You have patience

to dress button 75
What does it mean: do a new knowledge

unbutton your coat 4
Meaning of the dream: strong critical sense

bright little button 68
Description: realization of a project

unbutton his jacket 21
Interpretation of the dream: inner restlessness

button or piano keyboard 2
Translation: everything will be for the better