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Snails crawling. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream snails crawling. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

cooked snails 43
Meaning of the dream: sentimental serenity

snails 11
Description: little effort does not bring some good results we need to react and fight

snails in the land 38
Interpretation of the dream: still so much work to do

eat snails 18
Translation: new events

crawling on the snow 20
Dream description: physical discomfort

viper crawling 6
Meaning: unexpected obstacle

crawling in the mud 80
Translation of the dream: receipts of money

crawling along a wall 85
Interpretation: contrasts with the partner

eel crawling 36
Sense of the dream: dangerous passion

to crawl 15
What does it mean: frustration

crawl a snake 26
Meaning of the dream: infidelity

crawl on the floor 53
Description: new perspectives

scramble 31
Interpretation of the dream: happy news next

scramble a brother 47
Translation: personal injury

scramble a son 32
Dream description: obstacles and difficulties

scramble an employee 33
Meaning: consolation to a friend

scramble a schoolboy 83
Translation of the dream: mental clarity

walking on all fours 1
Interpretation: You would change the course of some events

scramble the bingo numbers 36
Sense of the dream: fallacious illusions

creep 21
What does it mean: dangerous passion

snail dead 63
Meaning of the dream: decreased energy

snail walking 28
Description: difficulty passing

snail horns 41
Interpretation of the dream: business trip

land snail 56
Translation: find difficulties to organize your schedule

bite 30
Dream description: jealousy and sorrow

edgebander 45
Meaning: fear

rake 60
Translation of the dream: unfinished business if you do it with your hands

bite himself 20
Interpretation: agreement and peace in the family

bite fruit 10
Sense of the dream: slander

distribute rakes 55
What does it mean: stubbornness and jealousy

mechanical rake 1
Meaning of the dream: Good news

rummaging in cash 31
Description: hard work and well-being in joy and serenity

rake the hay 37
Interpretation of the dream: lucky combination

wooden rake 35
Translation: danger of deceit

break a rake 43
Dream description: dangerous trip

nail down windows 51
Meaning: Gift incoming

hay rake 57
Translation of the dream: serene tranquility

raking a lawn 56
Interpretation: non-resistance

bite the bullet 7
Sense of the dream: lack of maturity

hat with tassels 9
What does it mean: new ideas

rake handle 3
Meaning of the dream: joy by relatives

Dogs that bite 24
Description: various ailments

nail into the wall 35
Interpretation of the dream: misgivings

rope ladder 12
Translation: great emotions

bite of the wolf 44
Dream description: dangerous business

buy a rake 29
Meaning: fights for money

iron rake 40
Translation of the dream: resistance to work

blow out a candle 46
Interpretation: heartbreak

bite his tongue 21
Sense of the dream: understanding for others

rake the straw 2
What does it mean: trip postponed

ants that bite 69
Meaning of the dream: serious concerns

rake the grain 11
Description: good business

bugs that bite 38
Interpretation of the dream: new proposals advantageous