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Small snails. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream small snails. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

snails 11
Meaning of the dream: little effort does not bring some good results we need to react and fight

cooked snails 43
Description: sentimental serenity

eat snails 18
Interpretation of the dream: new events

become small 24
Translation: rise

be small 1
Dream description: you will be lifted up

small tree 64
Meaning: economic difficulties

small apartment 15
Translation of the dream: next pleasures

small boat 17
Interpretation: Excessive pedantry

small mouth 80
Sense of the dream: happiness satisfied

bloodhound small 21
What does it mean: loss of money

small boiler 23
Meaning of the dream: unanticipated changes

small dog 21
Description: financial worries

kangaroo with small 18
Interpretation of the dream: perfect agreement sentimental

small telescope 72
Translation: extravagant spending

hat small 12
Dream description: strong individuality

small house 11
Meaning: new initiatives

small waterfall 5
Translation of the dream: patience and tolerance

candle small 39
Interpretation: gains that fade

small talk 60
Sense of the dream: happiness with relatives

small church 6
What does it mean: melancholy and depression

small scar 27
Meaning of the dream: needs of relatives

small body 2
Description: hidden enemies

small kitchen 5
Interpretation of the dream: satisfaction and pride

Many small dogs 6
Translation: good friends

beans small 76
Dream description: limited gains

small lake 19
Meaning: prudence in speech

small scythe 13
Translation of the dream: weakness of temperaments

small eyes 60
Interpretation: cunning discovery

small ears 67
Sense of the dream: lack of respect

Parrot small 6
What does it mean: visits to relatives

small potatoes 29
Meaning of the dream: momentary embarrassment

small peppers 17
Description: boring meetings

small plant 79
Interpretation of the dream: adventurous temperament

small groove 55
Translation: trip

small bridge 1
Dream description: a dangerous opponent tries to harm you

small fish 43
Meaning: wrath and ruin, all in proportion to the amount

small member 41
Translation of the dream: you should resize your inferiority complexes

small container 56
Interpretation: favorable days

bra small 67
Sense of the dream: aggressive spirit

small kingdom 80
What does it mean: bright ideas

small sculpture 7
Meaning of the dream: expenses to control

small bucket 18
Description: instability of mood

snake small 86
Interpretation of the dream: restlessness

small sip 70
Translation: good luck in business

small mirror 26
Dream description: unfounded fears

small print 49
Meaning: power increase

small room 80
Translation of the dream: sense of responsibility