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Safety pin. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream safety pin. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

safety pin 57
Meaning of the dream: skills directives

tie pin 33
Description: exciting novelty

security 36
Interpretation of the dream: fulfill your obligations as a citizen

safety valve 53
Translation: consolation and assistance

prick with a pin 35
Dream description: minor glitches

secret pin 6

pin 20
Translation of the dream: imminent death

safety lock 14
Interpretation: of tension

security room 6
Sense of the dream: fears to be overcome

Pine tree 57
What does it mean: difficulties in the family for the behavior just correct a relative or perhaps a child

pinup girl 11
Meaning of the dream: joy

Commissioner of Public Safety 80
Description: bond of friendship alive and new

an iron pin 48

maritime pine 8
Translation: important relationships

Scots pine 19
Dream description: readiness of decision

pine oil 26
Meaning: solid friendships

pine cut 53

pine resin 71
Interpretation: recovery of health

safety vault 12
Sense of the dream: you have so many qualities that does not exploit

safe-deposit box 72
What does it mean: lack of freedom

pine cone 83

security deposit 40
Description: held favorable

Brigadier public security 55
Interpretation of the dream: unscrupulous attitudes

pin assembly 33

see a medlar pine or rowan 8
Dream description: danger of the dreamer for negligence and cowardice

head of a pin 25
Meaning: complications and losses

safety razor 31
Translation of the dream: good investment

hard hat 16
Interpretation: exploitation by relatives

social Security 17

Pine nuts 77
What does it mean: good health

collect pine cones 28
Meaning of the dream: think about your future

chop with pine nuts 41

white spirit pine 8
Interpretation of the dream: realizable important

collect or see pinecones 53
Translation: good business

corner 22
Dream description: honors

lifebelt 33
Meaning: sadness passing

hairpin 76

buckle found 77
Interpretation: positive professional life

English song 6

valve 83
What does it mean: impressionability

English grammar 22

with a pinpoint 54
Description: forebodings fallacious

English version 83
Interpretation of the dream: Excessive physical fatigue

embroidered cushions 76
Translation: professional life hostile

brooch 58
Dream description: despotic character

replace valve 9
Meaning: excessive pride and pride

emergency exit 9

valve Cycling 60
Interpretation: dangerous follies

tire valve 64
Sense of the dream: great presence of mind

exhaust valve 8
What does it mean: inconsistency in work

pinning complaint 8

pinning thief 26

brooch false 83
Interpretation of the dream: success in the future

valve repair 17
Translation: protection and windfall gains

guard's bersagliere 2
Dream description: requited love

pinning traitors 11

pinning a knife 61

silver brooch 42
Interpretation: new experiences

lose brooch 56
Sense of the dream: presumption exaggerated

Valve radio 31
What does it mean: good economic situation

perforating a safe 17
Meaning of the dream: strange experiences

gold brooch 12
Description: period of disagreement

pinning a rifle 10