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Smell of lacquer. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream smell of lacquer. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

lacquer 20
Meaning of the dream: You try to dazzle only with external appearances

smell 53
Description: abundance and richness

sprinkle smell 72
Interpretation of the dream: good decision

smell of wine 31
Translation: fleeting euphoria

smell of wax 55
Dream description: Reports dangerous

smell of incense 45
Meaning: love and well-being

smell odors 5
Translation of the dream: lightness and pride

smell of vanilla 44
Interpretation: inner serenity

smell of food 18
Sense of the dream: concerns about a family

pleasant smell 34
What does it mean: sincerity

smell of baked bread 50
Meaning of the dream: good weather

smell of smoke 50
Description: tough business

smell violets 48
Interpretation of the dream: delight

smell of sweat 36
Translation: health threat

smell aromas 75
Dream description: break with a partner

smell of paint 36
Meaning: coldness and calculation

sweet smell of food 41
Translation of the dream: live happy moments

smell of flowers 52
Interpretation: disorderly life

smell of gasoline 2
Sense of the dream: contrasting opinions

smell of dirt 29
What does it mean: drudgery

collect sweet smell 36
Meaning of the dream: very hard work

feel no smell 2
Description: insensibility

sweet smell 90
Interpretation of the dream: harbinger of luck

smell of marjoram or other herbs 57
Translation: melancholy

sharp odor 70
Dream description: new friends useful for the future

unpleasant odor 30
Meaning: I ll be alone

fish odor 16
Translation of the dream: confidential

mild odor 5
Interpretation: devious advice not to accept

repellent odor 33
Sense of the dream: danger of chatter

bad smell of sweat 17
What does it mean: health hazard

sweet smell from the tree 48
Meaning of the dream: the right moment close

body organs, smell or hearing 6
Description: relatives of prosperity, wealth and personal power, honor all growing

smell a strong 88
Interpretation of the dream: suspicions of someone

see or smell of a palm tree 3
Translation: friendship, joy, prosperity, abundance and success in business


smell the hands or feet 51
Dream description: hint of madness

smell the scent of tuberose 53
Meaning: death in the family

smells of oil 19
Translation of the dream: impulsivity unreasonable

eat and feel the scent of Mandarin 19
Interpretation: pleasant novelty

it smells of sulfur 12
Sense of the dream: bad intentions

acute sense of smell 10
What does it mean: obligations and hassle

smelling breath 20
Meaning of the dream: simplicity of intent

smelling herbs 3
Description: propitious fate

stench of mold 69
Interpretation of the dream: concerns for children

it smells like burnt 44
Translation: requited love

stench of rancid 18
Dream description: fickle affections

stench of excrement 30
Meaning: money coming

smells closed 81
Translation of the dream: affective inconstancy

smelly water 90
Interpretation: loss of rich relatives

lilac scent 61
Sense of the dream: memory of a love away

feel stench 77
What does it mean: ache

stench of cigar 43
Meaning of the dream: good health

scent linen 42
Description: little adherence to reality

hound that smells 88
Interpretation of the dream: jealousy in love

lack of appetite 71
Translation: it feels not accepted

sumach 23
Dream description: Contrast with a young person