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Small fish. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream small fish. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

small fish 43
Meaning of the dream: wrath and ruin, all in proportion to the amount

personality big fish 33
Description: You do a very important conquest

small boat 17
Interpretation of the dream: Excessive pedantry

small wall 72
Translation: attempts to open more your mind

small clock 56

small toy 20

small pendant 9

small nipple 85

small cluster 7

small lake 19
What does it mean: prudence in speech

small apartment 15
Meaning of the dream: next pleasures

have fish 89
Description: expensive pleasures

small crab 50

hat small 12
Translation: strong individuality

small mirror 26
Dream description: unfounded fears

small umbrella 11

fresh fish 10
Translation of the dream: wonderful surprise

bait (fish) 7
Interpretation: abundance

dead fish 74
Sense of the dream: hopes falling

small jar 10
What does it mean: problems to be solved

live fish 47
Meaning of the dream: objective assessments

become small 24
Description: rise

small kingdom 80
Interpretation of the dream: bright ideas

small fan 18
Translation: generosity to prove

catch big fish 33
Dream description: joy and profit

small car 76

small bar 10

fish 17
Interpretation: a person elusive

giving birth to a fish 36
Sense of the dream: son poor health

small eyes 60
What does it mean: cunning discovery

small dog 21
Meaning of the dream: financial worries

salted fish 30
Description: you ll have to struggle with poverty

bream (fish) 52
Interpretation of the dream: He will miss the good fortune

personality small fry 73
Translation: innocent amorous threads

small sip 70
Dream description: good luck in business

small bucket 18
Meaning: instability of mood

small bird 16
Translation of the dream: freedom and carefree

small fire 10

grill fish 41
Sense of the dream: health hazard

small trumpet 10
What does it mean: revelations of secrets

small room 80
Meaning of the dream: sense of responsibility

small object or thing 32
Description: haughtiness

carp (fish) 3
Interpretation of the dream: pour in better soon

small bridge 1
Translation: a dangerous opponent tries to harm you

catch a fish 17
Dream description: good health

small body 2
Meaning: hidden enemies

born fish 39
Translation of the dream: rain

perch (fish) 4
Interpretation: pleasure, contentment

bright little button 68

boiled fish 5
What does it mean: just reproaches

smoked fish 87
Meaning of the dream: hard work and tormented

small tree 64
Description: economic difficulties

merchant fish 34
Interpretation of the dream: gain in business

be small 1
Translation: you will be lifted up

small case 37

bake or roast fish 28
Meaning: marriage

gutting fish 38
Translation of the dream: major projects

a small hook 21
Interpretation: little sorrows

small telescope 72
Sense of the dream: extravagant spending

dried fish 31

fish salmon 32
Meaning of the dream: unfulfilled desires