Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

accept splitting firewood

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: accept splitting firewood

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88 accept splitting firewood

19 splitting a table
uncertain job

24 stack firewood

1 buy firewood

12 bundle firewood
luck in business

3 fireplace with firewood
increase vitality

8 collecting firewood
friendships safe

19 collect firewood
sorrows for a family

17 accept someone or something
right now your excellent mood

73 accept gifts
joys in love

84 accept a contract
good business

53 accept a legacy

55 accept an invitation

62 accept conditions
pretense and insincerity

4 accept an offer

35 accept a proposal
state of depression

7 accept an exchange
winning the game

10 accepts route
sad days

18 accepts bloody

18 fireworks
instant joy

65 be injured by fireworks

71 explosion of fireworks
eventful life

33 fireworks or pyrotechnic
useful meetings