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Slip into sewer. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream slip into sewer. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

slip on the floor 85
Meaning of the dream: nerve irritation

slip badly 55
Description: support to be given

slip on the stairs 9
Interpretation of the dream: failure of projects

drowning in the sewer 50
Translation: happiness without contrasts

slip on the slope 34
Dream description: unexpected unpleasant

sewer 17
Meaning: You encounter bitter enemies

sewer rats 30
Translation of the dream: afraid of something

slip street 50
Interpretation: uncertainties to be overcome

sewer rats death 19
Sense of the dream: bad news coming

slip 59
What does it mean: you re not trying to be like everyone else

slip knot 83
Meaning of the dream: pitfalls

slip rings 10
Description: not to listen to the advice

slip on the ice with skates 37
Interpretation of the dream: short pleasure and sadness

slip socks 72
Translation: It will be granted aid

sewage 12
Dream description: do not just stand in front of difficulties

cesspool obstructed 15
Meaning: crushes

stinking cesspool 81
Translation of the dream: experiences to build on

slide the door 25
Interpretation: unfounded jealousy

clean the cesspool 75
Sense of the dream: weak character

slipping on ice 63
What does it mean: affirmation difficult

climb into a ravine 16
Meaning of the dream: little ailments passengers

offside 36
Description: new sympathies

climb into a gallows 90
Interpretation of the dream: violent incidents

convert to God 90
Translation: surprise

go to heaven 23
Dream description: Remedies to be made

They sneak thieves enter the house 6
Meaning: Safety in your business

sparrow hatching 64
Translation of the dream: think back to your actions

go into exile 61
Interpretation: great success in spite of envy

get into college 60
Sense of the dream: complications

get into a shelter 19
What does it mean: supports safe

come to power 48
Meaning of the dream: painful circumstances

see the sea 73
Description: possibility to exploit

heron hatching 3
Interpretation of the dream: decisions to make

comrade to hospital 50
Translation: consolation to relatives

woodcock hatching 38
Dream description: notoriety and prestige

pigeons hatching 36
Meaning: major projects

fly to the sky 41
Translation of the dream: very profitable activity

sneak or intrusion 4
Interpretation: joy in the family

get into the theater 8
Sense of the dream: small woes

massacres of sinkholes 31
What does it mean: fears and fears

gutter route 30
Meaning of the dream: dreams come true

go to the post office 47
Description: great aspirations

see the gutter 4
Interpretation of the dream: alternative of good and evil

cesspool discovered 9
Translation: hopes realized

drag something 16
Dream description: you need to regenerate

trailing voice 62
Meaning: small defeat

It is transformed into a bird 57
Translation of the dream: moving house

cesspool with mice 16
Interpretation: chat slanderers

be in a hurry 60
Sense of the dream: restlessness

fitting into one 60
What does it mean: requited love

sliding on the snow 7
Meaning of the dream: coldness in love