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Polyps in the sewer. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream polyps in the sewer. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

drowning in the sewer 50
Meaning of the dream: happiness without contrasts

sewer rats 30
Description: afraid of something

sewer rats death 19
Interpretation of the dream: bad news coming

sewer 17
Translation: You encounter bitter enemies

sewage 12
Dream description: do not just stand in front of difficulties

creature 20
Meaning: great enmity

drainage 33
Translation of the dream: small physical complaints

go in the vineyard 74
Interpretation: possibility to exploit

sink into lime 45
Sense of the dream: profit work

gunner in sentinel 7
What does it mean: success and recognition

run into Brother 50
Meaning of the dream: good prospects

Emperor in the cathedral 80
Description: imminent danger

scratched in his sleep 23
Interpretation of the dream: possessiveness

enveloped in the mantle 77
Translation: your selfishness will damage

manhole covers 71
Dream description: you have something that you want to eliminate from your life

bitumen in the boiler 51
Meaning: need for greater self-discipline

raking in a garden 73
Translation of the dream: problems being solved

fall into the crater 18
Interpretation: shady business

massacres of sinkholes 31
Sense of the dream: fears and fears

cesspool obstructed 15
What does it mean: crushes

clean the cesspool 75
Meaning of the dream: weak character

stinking cesspool 81
Description: experiences to build on

go on the ice 11
Interpretation of the dream: honors and great sense of fulfillment both in family life and in work

to the barber 49
Translation: serene hours

to wall 39
Dream description: unexpected difficulties arise, obstacles, difficult to overcome

He pees on 84
Meaning: thwarted love

go to heaven 23
Translation of the dream: Remedies to be made

naked in the sun 77
Interpretation: depression fight

tap into 22
Sense of the dream: you have to limit your spending

talk to god 40
What does it mean: prosperity and well-being

ice skating 40
Meaning of the dream: thwarted love

burn in the sun 50
Description: false information

dried in the sun 44
Interpretation of the dream: deal that is successful

lie down in the sun 6
Translation: requited love

go Advocate 1
Dream description: violent arguments

slipping on ice 63
Meaning: affirmation difficult

laundry in the sun 28
Translation of the dream: certainly you reach your goal, but very slowly

go to war 12
Interpretation: instability of feelings

dry out in the sun 44
Sense of the dream: conclusion of a deal

Ice in the garden 2
What does it mean: heightened emotionality

go to the spouse 24
Meaning of the dream: tension in the family

cure evil 15
Description: imprudence and agitation

pass on the river 49
Interpretation of the dream: businesses safe

go in garden 45
Translation: you will become rich in proportion to your hunger

be in paradise 21
Dream description: possibility of recovery

knocking on the wall 18
Meaning: excessive irritation

fall into sleep 10
Translation of the dream: positive increase in energy

shoot in the air 4
Interpretation: displays of affection

bite himself 20
Sense of the dream: agreement and peace in the family