Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

sketch a sculpture

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: sketch a sculpture

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53 sketch a sculpture
dangerous business

16 sketch
willingness constructive

88 sketch in plaster
happy marriage

60 sketch in clay
attention to debt

44 sketch in wax
loss of property

16 sketch a painting
decision constructive

17 sketch a wall
momentary embarrassment

52 sculpture
dangerous business

61 do sculpture
projects to be postponed

54 student of sculpture

67 sculpture museum

67 ancient sculpture
head shots

38 modern sculpture
Decision advantageous

7 small sculpture
expenses to control

17 large sculpture
lack of enthusiasm

42 marble sculpture
excessive voltage

90 bronze sculpture
lucky in love

88 iron sculpture
lust for life

17 buy sculpture
expenses to be addressed

52 sell the sculpture
unstable situation

12 give the sculpture
good cooperation

11 sketching a drawing
will constructive

12 artist sculptor
threatens nearby

19 chisel sculptor
great ideas

8 sculpt
big changes await

45 sculpting from life
encouraging results

16 sculpt in bronze
good resolutions

31 sculpt in marble
inventive spirit

26 sculpt in clay
extravagant spending

18 sculpt a statue
ability to donate

50 sculpt the statue
good opportunities