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Sit on a nettle. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream sit on a nettle. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

sit on a nettle 68
Meaning of the dream: slanderous gossip

cook the nettle 50
Description: envy hidden

see the nettle 77
Interpretation of the dream: sadness

sit on the hat 11
Translation: novelty coming

grasp the nettle 41
Dream description: difficult relationships

stung by a nettle 49
Meaning: happy coincidence

sit on the porch 70
Translation of the dream: good friendships

sit on his hat 7
Interpretation: concerns which must not be taken into account

sit on a stool 34
Sense of the dream: penalties and unnecessary worries

sit on the throne 37
What does it mean: radical change

sit on the bench 5
Meaning of the dream: need for adaptation

sit on the couch 19
Description: proposals devious

sit uncomfortably 54
Interpretation of the dream: new activity

nettle 84
Translation: sadness for the discovery of a friend is not sincere and unfair

sit at the movies 51
Dream description: obstinacy dangerous

sit comfortably 40
Meaning: economic difficulties

sit on the ground 13
Translation of the dream: Fortunately rising

sit at wedding 53
Interpretation: heritage in view

sit on the bed 62
Sense of the dream: uncertainty as to overcome

Sit 35
What does it mean: safe location

sit in Abbey 45
Meaning of the dream: sudden changes

sit at the counter 44
Description: wrath

sit at the head table 4
Interpretation of the dream: You receive infamy

sit in an armchair 81
Translation: interview with a happy outcome

sit by train 82
Dream description: novelty coming

sit by tram 63
Meaning: excessive emotionality

sit on the table 28
Translation of the dream: novelties from afar

sit at the table 27
Interpretation: vitality and health

sit in a jail 18
Sense of the dream: happiness

sit on a chair or armchair 84
What does it mean: You find ease in your business

nettles 24
Meaning of the dream: diseases, pain

sit on the chair 46
Description: emotional temperament

eat nettles 36
Interpretation of the dream: loss of money

being stung by nettles 28
Translation: prosperity

turn on a heater 9
Dream description: embarrassing situation

ladybug on a flower 6
Meaning: Positive loving events

stepping on a ladybug 74
Translation of the dream: difficulties and problems

try on a coat 46
Interpretation: sudden change

cross a ditch over a table 29
Sense of the dream: you ll soon be the victim of unscrupulous cheaters

turning on a plane 78
What does it mean: sudden discovery

tripping over a stone 13
Meaning of the dream: mistakes are not repeated

get on a tree 81
Description: faltering health

lean on a ravine 4
Interpretation of the dream: rebellion of the beloved

get on a carriage 81
Translation: success of opponents

seeing an octopus on 16
Dream description: serious concerns

sleeping on a float 71
Meaning: good luck

get on a seaplane 49
Translation of the dream: conquest flattering

get on a plateau 9
Interpretation: unexpected help

be on a ship 72
Sense of the dream: lucky business

bet on a horse 10
What does it mean: clairvoyance and lucidity

sleep on a cot 72
Meaning of the dream: possessions