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Signature hug. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream signature hug. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

endorsing signature 43
Meaning of the dream: anxieties secret

recognize a signature 7
Description: contrasts with a young person

copy a signature 81
Interpretation of the dream: difficult struggle

signature of favor 81
Translation: pride and courage

illegible signature 83
Dream description: program to change

scribbling a signature 30
Meaning: heartbreak

forging the signature 56
Translation of the dream: shrewdness and cunning

verify a signature 8
Interpretation: considerable social success

validate a signature 34
Sense of the dream: realization of hopes

died hug 29
What does it mean: Long and difficult negotiations

Emperor signing 36
Meaning of the dream: painful decisions

hug a friend 48
Description: novelty favorable

difficult signing 65
Interpretation of the dream: great dynamism

signing judgments 87
Translation: malleable character

signing bills 3
Dream description: fight with opponents

signing diplomas 54
Meaning: poor relations

hug a stranger 90
Translation of the dream: next trip

hug your spouse 6
Interpretation: undue reliance

signing rental 79
Sense of the dream: misgivings

signing protests 48
What does it mean: misfortune

hug a grandchild 40
Meaning of the dream: Escape from reality

hug a priest 13
Description: consolation

hug a cheetah 84
Interpretation of the dream: need to protect and help someone

hug a relative 45
Translation: good organization

to hug 58
Dream description: need for affection

embrace lover 50
Meaning: treachery

embrace the father 38
Translation of the dream: intentions essays

embrace your children 5
Interpretation: news reserved

embrace a woman 40
Sense of the dream: injustice

embrace 40
What does it mean: need for affection

fraternal embrace 78
Meaning of the dream: amorous deceptions

loving embrace 10
Description: friendships harmful

signing up 27
Interpretation of the dream: aid

signed receipt 52
Translation: anger shots to avoid

sign the minutes 50
Dream description: hasty decisions

sign a contract 76
Meaning: aggression from curb

sign a promissory note 54
Translation of the dream: unnecessary apprehensions

sign a promise 78
Interpretation: chance of success

falsifying signatures 34
Sense of the dream: dangerous risks

embrace friendly 50
What does it mean: unnecessary waivers

sign the bill 89
Meaning of the dream: waste of money

embrace relatives 79
Description: treachery

forger of signatures 4
Interpretation of the dream: program changes

embrace reprehensible 19
Translation: false oaths

embrace an old 67
Dream description: concerns

embrace the enemy 41
Meaning: fear vanished;

embrace friends 89
Translation of the dream: treachery

embrace animal 35
Interpretation: tries to focus more at work

embrace between husband and wife 9
Sense of the dream: exuberance and vitality

embrace a sick 13
What does it mean: Deception by friends

embrace a creditor 81
Meaning of the dream: fear

embrace a debtor 53
Description: security

embrace a blind 54
Interpretation of the dream: disillusion

embrace parents 4
Translation: benefit

embrace the virgin 4
Dream description: good luck

embrace an artist 66
Meaning: successful business

embrace one dead 65
Translation of the dream: health hazard

embracing a drunk 19
Interpretation: material loss