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Handshake between two men. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream handshake between two men. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

handshake between two men 59
Meaning of the dream: faithfulness in love

scuffle between men 63
Description: eccentricity harmful

scene between men 14
Interpretation of the dream: revenge and satisfaction

antipathy between men 6
Translation: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

Dialogue between men 13
Dream description: indecision in business

Friction between men 42
Meaning: intimate happiness

issue among men 22
Translation of the dream: disease

border between two states 42
Interpretation: nostalgia for a distant person

caught between two women 82
Sense of the dream: envy dominate

contention among men 7
What does it mean: intense relationships

envy among men 23
Meaning of the dream: difficult tasks

collision between two motorcycles 34
Description: the person you love will craves

shake hands 20
Interpretation of the dream: personal matter to be resolved

go with men 78
Translation: shame

dance with men 47
Dream description: deal that goes through

woman with men 1
Meaning: important protections

wrangle with men 39
Translation of the dream: affirmation of his ideas

dinner with men 8
Interpretation: advantages at the expense of other

arguing with men 39
Sense of the dream: career hampered

carriage with men 81
What does it mean: good organization

courtyard with men 40
Meaning of the dream: energy courageous

bathroom with men 28
Description: slander dangerous

watering hole with men 56
Interpretation of the dream: nice meeting

tavern with men 45
Translation: broken promises

contact with men 54
Dream description: modest aspirations

eunuch with men 17
Meaning: you adopt a child

peace between politicians 61
Translation of the dream: happiness and joy

conversation between politicians 40
Interpretation: improvement of situation

squeezed between a man and a woman 59
Sense of the dream: Engagement close

line of men 26
What does it mean: surprising conclusions

clash between two animals with horns 77
Meaning of the dream: solve very soon situation remained dormant until now

collision between two cars 39
Description: business and improve within a short time

appearance of men 34
Interpretation of the dream: ability to convince

bones of men 66
Translation: death of girls

friendship of men 35
Dream description: dangerous enemies

noise of men 48
Meaning: hard daily struggle

peace between spouses 77
Translation of the dream: pipe dreams

matter between joint 1
Interpretation: passing pleasures

crowding of men 33
Sense of the dream: fulfillment of desires

group of men 11
What does it mean: adaptability

peace between friends 75
Meaning of the dream: loss and misfortune

quarrel between brothers 26
Description: bad consequence of a bad action

scuffle between crazy 45
Interpretation of the dream: need for diplomacy

quarrel between sisters 45
Translation: distorted perspectives family

fight between waiters 11
Dream description: egocentrism exaggerated

fight between children 53
Meaning: fear of being cheated

matter between players 67
Translation of the dream: joy and useful