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Sign written with emotions. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream sign written with emotions. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

written leaflet 64
Meaning of the dream: extra earnings

written 88
Description: failed project

written business 74
Interpretation of the dream: intimate joy

written legibly 75
Translation: personal achievements

written child 34
Dream description: lack of reflection

have a sign 19
Meaning: safety

send a sign 61
Translation of the dream: infamy

written invoice 85
Interpretation: generosity and courage

written sheets 65
Sense of the dream: commitments female workers difficult

sign writing 84
What does it mean: marital conflicts

sign licenses 35
Meaning of the dream: courage in action

written work 19
Description: negotiations uncertain

sign decrees 32
Interpretation of the dream: career advancement

Letters written in purple 48
Translation: bad news will arrive within a week

sign permits 29
Dream description: Discussions with family

sign of many colors 23
Meaning: vulgarity and rumors

letters written in red ink 66
Translation of the dream: damage

letters written in green ink 27
Interpretation: you ll get a very worthwhile visit or business

sign 9
Sense of the dream: shameful servitude

written test 6
What does it mean: test of loyalty

written music 9
Meaning of the dream: new projects

written page 59
Description: ties earnest

It aims sign, destination 7
Interpretation of the dream: your good judgment you procurer many advocates

sign circular 15
Translation: momentary satisfactions

sign the bill 89
Dream description: waste of money

observe the sign of Cancer 11
Meaning: calls from a woman who became your enemy

Zodiac sign Cancer 86
Translation of the dream: changes in vision

red sign 68
Interpretation: bloodshed

written examination 45
Sense of the dream: collaborations difficult

blue sign 1
What does it mean: birth of a child

sure sign 48
Meaning of the dream: physical ailments

signed receipt 52
Description: anger shots to avoid

road sign 17
Interpretation of the dream: prudence in speech

written on parchment 12
Translation: pride and courage

sign the minutes 50
Dream description: hasty decisions

sign convictions 68
Meaning: embarrassing discussion

sign invitations 43
Translation of the dream: attitudes too decided

sign a promissory note 54
Interpretation: unnecessary apprehensions

sign a promise 78
Sense of the dream: chance of success

fire sign 90
What does it mean: impediments and delays

Scorpio star sign 50
Meaning of the dream: you re active and optimistic

illegible signature 83
Description: program to change

claim in writing 51
Interpretation of the dream: testimonies of affection

west cardinal sign 11
Translation: health being improved

recognize a signature 7
Dream description: contrasts with a young person

sign of the cross with holy water 34
Meaning: misunderstanding

scribbling a signature 30
Translation of the dream: heartbreak

copy a signature 81
Interpretation: difficult struggle

Zodiac see any sign 2
Sense of the dream: luck in the lottery

validate a signature 34
What does it mean: realization of hopes

send condolences in writing 85
Meaning of the dream: loss to the game