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Scorpio star sign. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Scorpio star sign. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Scorpio star sign 50
Meaning of the dream: you re active and optimistic

scorpio 63
Description: stay away from bad friends

see the star 15
Interpretation of the dream: always good omen

star 18
Translation: harmony

Alpine star 16
Dream description: self-confidence

North Star 83
Meaning: hopes for new revenue

Morning Star 5
Translation of the dream: ambition fulfilled

Falling star 90
Interpretation: sorrows and troubles

star to the poor 38
Sense of the dream: the death

shining star 28

star in comedy 54

Lucifer (morning star) 56
Description: fortune

shooting star from the sky 55
Interpretation of the dream: disaster

star that shines in the room 44
Translation: danger of death for the head of the family

star opaque and pale 44
Dream description: misfortune at its height

have a sign 19
Meaning: safety

sign 9
Translation of the dream: shameful servitude

sure sign 48

sign will 20

sign the bill 89
What does it mean: waste of money

send a sign 61
Meaning of the dream: infamy

red sign 68
Description: bloodshed

sign of many colors 23
Interpretation of the dream: vulgarity and rumors

blue sign 1
Translation: birth of a child

sign contracts 44
Dream description: unexpected encounters

sign receipts 52
Meaning: shots of anger to avoid

sign decrees 32
Translation of the dream: career advancement

sign invitations 43
Interpretation: attitudes too decided

sign letters 85
Sense of the dream: rewarding financially

sign the testament 60
What does it mean: rights to be enforced immediately

sign bonds 53

sign the receipt 54
Description: income from a business

road sign 17
Interpretation of the dream: prudence in speech

sign a contract 76
Translation: aggression from curb

sign a letter 52
Dream description: exaggerated emotionality

sign a promise 78
Meaning: chance of success

fire sign 90
Translation of the dream: impediments and delays

sign the minutes 50
Interpretation: hasty decisions

Zodiac see any sign 2
Sense of the dream: luck in the lottery

shop sign 83

warning sign 28

sign circular 15

sign convictions 68

sign licenses 35

sign permits 29

sign writing 84

observe the sign of Cancer 11
Translation of the dream: calls from a woman who became your enemy

It aims sign, destination 7
Interpretation: your good judgment you procurer many advocates

west cardinal sign 11
Sense of the dream: health being improved

sign a promissory note 54
What does it mean: unnecessary apprehensions

Zodiac sign Cancer 86

sign of the cross with holy water 34
Description: misunderstanding

scorpion sting 54
Interpretation of the dream: malignancy

entrust an assignment 10
Translation: ruin avoided

sunrise with the stars 64
Dream description: need for greater reflection

ensign 4
Meaning: someone who respects and admires

ensign card 35
Translation of the dream: need for more diplomacy

ensign palace 80
Interpretation: dangerous changes

ensign of the regiment 43
Sense of the dream: small miseries

starch 36
What does it mean: intrigues

wheat starch 6
Meaning of the dream: support from friends

rice starch 10
Description: decreased energy

potato starch 55
Interpretation of the dream: excessive shyness

ironed with starch 70
Translation: nostalgic spirit

buy starch 75
Dream description: happiness without contrasts

starve 69
Meaning: malicious gossip

starter 45
Translation of the dream: welfare

start an engine or a machine 53
Interpretation: Useful Buying

Bastard 12
Sense of the dream: many sorrows

starched shirt 59
What does it mean: next job

bastard dog 26
Meaning of the dream: concerns family

starry sky 4
Description: unexpected gains

starless sky 20
Interpretation of the dream: bad news

starch glue 71
Translation: afflictions of love

starched collar 46
Dream description: insincere friendships

contemplate the stars 22
Meaning: vain hopes