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Shit sewer. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream shit sewer. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

shit 53
Meaning of the dream: money

eat shit 11
Description: uncertainty, infamy

shit in the foot 21
Interpretation of the dream: windfall

Fly shit 61
Translation: ambitions to be braked

shit baby 3
Dream description: fruitfulness and abundance

great shit 26
Meaning: hopes and ideals

shit with worms 76
Translation of the dream: Good news

drowning in the sewer 50
Interpretation: happiness without contrasts

71 - Smorfia classic: man shit 71

dog shit 8
What does it mean: consistency in the actions

sewer 17
Meaning of the dream: You encounter bitter enemies

horse shit 4
Description: malicious gossip

sewer rats 30
Interpretation of the dream: afraid of something

sewer rats death 19
Translation: bad news coming

cesspool obstructed 15
Dream description: crushes

stinking cesspool 81
Meaning: experiences to build on

drainage channel 83
Translation of the dream: tranquility of mind

clean the cesspool 75
Interpretation: weak character

sewage 12
Sense of the dream: do not just stand in front of difficulties

do quarantine 20
What does it mean: great melancholy

dirt 5
Meaning of the dream: fortune

drainage 33
Description: small physical complaints

gutter route 30
Interpretation of the dream: dreams come true

healthy food 82
Translation: feelings uncertain

exchange glances 44
Dream description: hidden enemies

put in quarantine 14
Meaning: stop in the activity

see the gutter 4
Translation of the dream: alternative of good and evil

cesspool discovered 9
Interpretation: hopes realized

exchange loss 60
Sense of the dream: tranquility in the family

transatlantic quarantined 44
What does it mean: health concern

mess 23
Meaning of the dream: woe, suffering

exchange promises 16
Description: health recovered

drain sink 24
Interpretation of the dream: small movements

exchange blows 31
Translation: realization of credits

exchange person 17
Dream description: feelings uncertain

nastiness do 85
Meaning: unexpressed feelings

exchange insults 36
Translation of the dream: fear of infidelity

cesspool with mice 16
Interpretation: chat slanderers

fuck filth 41
Sense of the dream: abandonment of the father or marital home

be quarantined 68
What does it mean: quarrels and ruptures

hat dirt 51
Meaning of the dream: oppositions in business

hood dirt 25
Description: abundance

letter of exchange 53
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous distraction

closet dirt 37
Translation: contrasts sentimental

pennant dirt 69
Dream description: resistance tests

exchange compliments 38
Meaning: activities and fortune

mess time 41
Translation of the dream: interesting tips

exchange letters 90
Interpretation: new romantic relationships

Crystal dirt 4
Sense of the dream: offended by not collecting

dirt road 74
What does it mean: family quarrels

dirt cap 34
Meaning of the dream: contempt of danger

eat dirt 2
Description: annoyance and fatigue

shitting in the streets 31
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous friendships

shitting in your pants 71
Translation: Secret Revealed

shitting in the countryside 59
Dream description: unexpected good news

smell of dirt 29
Meaning: drudgery

Subscribe to the newspaper 88
Translation of the dream: Secret Revealed