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Drainpipe. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream drainpipe. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

drainpipe 45
Meaning of the dream: excellent professional activity

foam pipe 25
Description: contrasts with relatives

iron pipe 80
Interpretation of the dream: ideas and constructive

lead pipe 61
Translation: enmities to talk

stove pipe 44
Dream description: pleasant changes

broken pipe 53
Meaning: danger of scams

rubber tube 63
Translation of the dream: fertile imagination

glass tube 81
Interpretation: travel and trips

tube 6
Sense of the dream: falsehood

porcelain pipe 71
What does it mean: business cheated

turtle pipe 50
Meaning of the dream: long period of opposition

lamp tube 22
Description: difficult life, little money

sub with the tube 1
Interpretation of the dream: good news at work

stink pipe 11
Translation: optimism and serenity

inner tube 88
Dream description: great satisfaction

water pipe 36
Meaning: new friends

test tube 12
Translation of the dream: issues in family

light the pipe 37
Interpretation: great inner satisfaction

Amber pipe 55
Sense of the dream: blessings and fortune

nougat in a Tube 76
What does it mean: Understanding with friends

chimney 13
Meaning of the dream: situation oscillating

pipe cane 5
Description: discomfort and discontent

drinking fountain 51
Interpretation of the dream: Good news

pipe bone 59
Translation: lightheartedness

wooden pipe 76
Dream description: fruitful work

give a pipe 73
Meaning: faithful friendships

old pipe 80
Translation of the dream: open-minded

losing the pipe 1
Interpretation: prejudices unnecessary

Turkish pipe 27
Sense of the dream: timidity, insecurity

clay pipe 27
What does it mean: laborious negotiations

Brass pipe 63
Meaning of the dream: great physical shape

drain 77
Description: long journey and unnecessary

sump 27
Interpretation of the dream: new programs

blowgun 18
Translation: you will be struck by the slander

gunmetal 10
Dream description: generosity and courage

empty rifle 43
Meaning: solitary character

cannon discharge 77
Translation of the dream: flattered vanity

firecracker drain 76
Interpretation: loyalty and constancy

trumpet 61
Sense of the dream: your projects will go up in smoke

pipe 7
What does it mean: New appointments

sewer 17
Meaning of the dream: You encounter bitter enemies

double-barreled shotgun 39
Description: struggles and difficulties

shortbarreled gun 8
Interpretation of the dream: discovery of enmity

fill the pipe 81
Translation: good luck

ear trumpet 12
Dream description: honesty and uprightness

play the pipe 67
Meaning: unrequited love

trumpet car 76
Translation of the dream: compromise dangerous

small trumpet 10
Interpretation: revelations of secrets

crack pipe 3
Sense of the dream: failures and disappointments

aspiring trumpet 63
What does it mean: meager profits

marine trumpet 39
Meaning of the dream: news from afar

factory chimney 70
Description: unexpected gains

chimney of a ship 48
Interpretation of the dream: new horizons

briar pipe 2
Translation: physical and material

rush 3
Dream description: difference of opinion

South American 85
Meaning: you have to create you your space