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Serve rice. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream serve rice. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

to serve 14
Meaning of the dream: vanity-free content

serve chamomile 42
Description: vanity-free content

serve the sentence 30
Interpretation of the dream: anxiety and agitation

serve in a restaurant 84
Translation: new knowledge important

serve the sauce 4
Dream description: painful misunderstandings

serve deficiencies 50
Meaning: misuse of money

serve a sentence 18
Translation of the dream: impatience environment

serve with children 19
Interpretation: visits like

serve cooking 42
Sense of the dream: good health

serve Mass 84
What does it mean: slow and continuous efforts

serve at the table 56
Meaning of the dream: calmness in decisions

serve lunch 10
Description: chance of success

serve at home 18
Interpretation of the dream: happiness in love

serve drinks 80
Translation: important protections

serve tea 74
Dream description: economic benefits

serve the cake 74
Meaning: lifelong friends

serve or consular sick 57
Translation of the dream: joy, profit, luck

rice 44
Interpretation: help from someone close

rice starch 10
Sense of the dream: decreased energy

famine rice 69
What does it mean: false premonitions

curb rice 9
Meaning of the dream: dangerous initiatives

rice fritters 47
Description: favorable agreements

weeding rice 22
Interpretation of the dream: good news in sight

rice in sacks 78
Translation: excellent results

uncooked rice 19
Dream description: progress with work

cooked rice 61
Meaning: bright spirit

sow rice 37
Translation of the dream: good health

collect rice 15
Interpretation: overcoming of obstacles

buy rice 76
Sense of the dream: momentary setbacks

cook rice 59
What does it mean: Love Home

eat rice 47
Meaning of the dream: malaise of a family

sprinkle rice 84
Description: danger of breakage

bag of rice 29
Interpretation of the dream: new guidelines

drain rice 38
Translation: discouragement and abandonment

ears of rice 50
Dream description: that desire will be fulfilled

rice timbale 53
Meaning: good luck

bale of rice 18

Rice pudding 46

foil with rice 9

riddled rice 47

rice flour 7

rice pancake 61

rice grains 25

rice soup 9

Rice field 29

rice sheaf 4

wash rice 4

capillary rice 56

rice in the paddy field 85
Sense of the dream: conquest exciting

aside reserves 30
What does it mean: welcome gift

wrangle with servants 29
Meaning of the dream: excessive tolerance of others

observe a dawn 77
Description: hope for improvement

observe an alchemist 56
Interpretation of the dream: much good news

observe the constellation ram 77
Translation: great future

observe the absence of a person 34
Dream description: favorable business meeting

avarice 22
Meaning: great martyrs

observe or criticize a budget 59
Translation of the dream: opposition brief

observe an agave plant 58
Interpretation: some legwork by a woman

game reserve 32
Sense of the dream: sexual disappointments

meat preserved 5
What does it mean: heavy commitments

Foreign Service 36
Meaning of the dream: quiet confidence

celebrate a religious service 14
Description: sensitivity of mind

preserve 22
Interpretation of the dream: You accumulate a lot of money

make preserves 15
Translation: waste of money

eat preserves 19
Dream description: unprofitable business

reserved demeanor 84
Meaning: indecision and struggle

bargain price 90
Translation of the dream: realization of hopes

observe the twilight 47
Interpretation: charm and benevolence

observe discipline 61
Sense of the dream: economic improvements

observe the sign of Cancer 11
What does it mean: calls from a woman who became your enemy

observe constellation of Capricorn 66
Meaning of the dream: elegance in all your activities

continence reserve 23
Description: joy

have to own a domestic service 6
Interpretation of the dream: hampered projects

Jews receive the same service 64
Translation: unexpected pleasure and fortune