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Scenes in twilight. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream scenes in twilight. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

twilight winter 35
Meaning of the dream: awareness of merits

observe the twilight 47
Description: charm and benevolence

join an obscene act 5
Interpretation of the dream: financial losses

obscene act 8
Translation: prejudices harmful

touching scene 18
Dream description: repairable error

obscene 33
Meaning: aspects of yourself that have rejected or refused to recognize

Figure obscene 75
Translation of the dream: problems gory

Press obscene 66
Interpretation: occasion that escapes

woman obscene 4
Sense of the dream: situation unresolved

man obscene 10
What does it mean: willingness weak

obscene gesture 60
Meaning of the dream: inner blocks

obscene spectacle 40
Description: lack of relationships

obscene book 63
Interpretation of the dream: little security

picturesque scenery 71
Translation: wise resolutions

photograph the scene 8
Dream description: strong vitality

obscene representation 74
Meaning: to avoid rumors

scene 64
Translation of the dream: talk inconclusive

draw the scene 17
Interpretation: sudden trip

mount the scene 56
Sense of the dream: intrigue hidden

watch a scene 86
What does it mean: ideas to be implemented

pleasant scene 7
Meaning of the dream: regret late

unpleasant scene 80
Description: new possibilities

theater scene 62
Interpretation of the dream: economic mediocrity

scenery 75
Translation: unfounded jealousy

Theatrical scenery 63
Dream description: sudden discovery

scenery swivel 62
Meaning: declared enmity

make a scene 10
Translation of the dream: advice from an elderly person

witness a scene 78
Interpretation: protections influential

cause the scene 64
Sense of the dream: fickleness of feelings

violent scene 18
What does it mean: fatality accentuated

scene between women 75
Meaning of the dream: important events

scene between men 14
Description: revenge and satisfaction

scene between lovers 38
Interpretation of the dream: difficult days

drunken scene 86
Translation: wrong settings

tenor on the scene 54
Dream description: doubts and uncertainties

tragic scene 68
Meaning: reveries unnecessary

hugs obscene 16

obscene love 19

obscene correspondence 80

obscene wit 19

actor on the scene 55

obscene dancer 81

the Nativity Scene 88
Interpretation of the dream: are you happy in love

obscene proposal 29