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Row with oakum. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream row with oakum. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

row with oakum 47
Meaning of the dream: extravagant attitudes

bale of oakum 8
Description: whims passengers

strand of oakum 29
Interpretation of the dream: you're trying to fix some complicated situation

row at the movies 88
Translation: secrets, to keep

row 56
Dream description: you have to go their own way without fear and sure of success

row of children 2
Meaning: pleasant meetings

socks with row 54
Translation of the dream: useful information

row of pearls 55
Interpretation: heavy responsibility

Iron row 37
Sense of the dream: you need to rearrange some things in your life

row of metal 13
What does it mean: unjustified resentment

row of trees 7
Meaning of the dream: good chance

row of animals 15
Description: unexpected change

row of schoolchildren 39
Interpretation of the dream: lure offers

row pizzeria 63
Translation: prudence in the reactions

row of corals 42
Dream description: to strengthen relations

row of soldiers 12
Meaning: events and achievements

the row 8
Translation of the dream: you have to go their own way without fear and sure of success

Wooden row 1
Interpretation: good business

row of houses 61
Sense of the dream: loss and damage

row of poles 25
What does it mean: fleeting achievements

round in a row 32
Meaning of the dream: complicated life

ants in a row 90
Description: work pay

weave ivy single row 27
Interpretation of the dream: you have a very loyal friend, fortune in friendships and in love

broken line 78
Translation: instability of mood

line of cars 63
Dream description: mishaps in repetition

line of men 26
Meaning: surprising conclusions

line at the post 75
Translation of the dream: strong critical sense

line of women 27
Interpretation: pressing interests

line at the bank 53
Sense of the dream: predicament

flax to spin 51
What does it mean: rivalry secret

line 11
Meaning of the dream: you have to go their own way without fear and sure of success

string of needles 5
Description: there is no peace or serenity to face life, you will want to escape from a painful situation

weatherstripping with tow 22
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected aid

string of cards 76
Translation: Overcoming Opposition

line dresses 8
Dream description: dream difficult to realize

spin flax 27
Meaning: moodiness passenger

consecutive 38
Translation of the dream: victory over enemies

plumb line 6
Interpretation: financial constraints

white thread 8
Sense of the dream: short trip

string of chestnuts 62
What does it mean: lengthy negotiations

ignite tinder 77
Meaning of the dream: loss of rich relatives

see the finish line 81
Description: rights to be defended

line divided 68
Interpretation of the dream: quarrels and disputes

string of buttons 35
Translation: danger of errors

Assembly line 52
Dream description: you too traditional life

colored thread 31
Meaning: concerns inevitable

string of receipts 89
Translation of the dream: anger

line items 6
Interpretation: weakness to be overcome