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Room table. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream room table. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

room 87
Meaning of the dream: work and love

table 86
Description: emotionally vulnerable

access to a room 51
Interpretation of the dream: easy conquest

table lighter 14
Translation: easy money

adorn your room 41
Dream description: welfare

smoke room 17
Meaning: deception of love

set up a table 9
Translation of the dream: to overcome adversity

stretch a table 46
Interpretation: understanding between friends

leave the table 76
Sense of the dream: fascination

heated room 71
What does it mean: opposition in the work

lay the table 23
Meaning of the dream: consolation or happy outcome

lean on the table 41
Description: greed punished

table linen 10
Interpretation of the dream: good faith betrayed

room or bedroom 43
Translation: desire for independence

enter room 30
Dream description: narrow escape

exit room 23
Meaning: money lost

furnish the room 4
Translation of the dream: declared enmity

mortuary room 50
Interpretation: unfounded suspicions

furniture room 40
Sense of the dream: forebodings

wet room 19
What does it mean: injustice punished

dirty room 11
Meaning of the dream: mortifications unjust

illuminated room 30
Description: momentary embarrassment

strong room 51
Interpretation of the dream: need for economy

security room 6
Translation: fears to be overcome

tidy the room 15
Dream description: You have regrets of the past

dressing room 62
Meaning: service of dishonest people

table drawer 53
Translation of the dream: important relationships

cold room 51
Interpretation: dangerous experiences

cobbler at the table 79
Sense of the dream: momentary embarrassment

table knife 67
What does it mean: new achievements

bedside table 3
Meaning of the dream: disturbing thoughts

bedtime Room 36
Description: introverted nature

declaim at the table 87
Interpretation of the dream: superficiality and lightness

decorate a room 90
Translation: good intentions

unadorned table 42
Dream description: slow progress in labor

fruit on the table 32
Meaning: great imagination

light up a room 66
Translation of the dream: tension and anxiety

soup on the table 83
Interpretation: invitation welcome

adorn a table 86
Sense of the dream: imaginative projects

table clock 88
What does it mean: nice outing

dark room 24
Meaning of the dream: internal crisis

prepare the table 40
Description: realization pleased

Design a room 53
Interpretation of the dream: complications in family

mustard above the table 82
Translation: bickering and dispute

table briar 71
Dream description: discord with relatives

curl up under the table 15
Meaning: economic concerns

liven up a room 83
Translation of the dream: adventurous spirit