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Remain without bread. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream remain without bread. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

remain in the dark 7
Meaning of the dream: excessive ease

remain stranded 59
Description: reckless conduct

remain or stay 33
Interpretation of the dream: bad advisers

remain in office 62
Translation: stop in business

remain in church 84
Dream description: concrete achievements

remain standing 80
Meaning: favors from a woman

remain seated 87
Translation of the dream: sick passenger

remain an old maid 21
Interpretation: you will be offended

remain caught in a wire 71
Sense of the dream: be difficult

bread 30
What does it mean: you will have a lot of patience before projects are to be successful

see bread 63
Meaning of the dream: speculation advantageous

plenty of bread 84
Description: combination cheated

to toast bread 15
Interpretation of the dream: abundance

crumple bread 35
Translation: friendships safe

slice bread 80
Dream description: abundance and richness

morsel of bread 15
Meaning: expressions of sympathy

famine of bread 15
Translation of the dream: risks and difficulties

consecrate the bread 88
Interpretation: courage and confidence

bread crust 88
Sense of the dream: good and profitable business

distribute bread 67
What does it mean: profitable activities

Sharing your bread 50
Meaning of the dream: optimism and confidence

slices of bread 34
Description: still work

oven with bread 50
Interpretation of the dream: Earnings from different sources

bake bread 52
Translation: wellness and health

use of yeast in bread 74
Dream description: unexpected luck

cupboard with bread 56
Meaning: serenity of mind

bite bread 66
Translation of the dream: 1 attachment to family

eat bread 60
Interpretation: balance and good health

knead bread 2
Sense of the dream: well-paid job

baking bread 26
What does it mean: constancy in the affections

crumble the bread 44
Meaning of the dream: infidelity of an employee

buy bread 77
Description: excellent prospects

selling bread 90
Interpretation of the dream: great activities

donate bread 70
Translation: tranquility

White bread 30
Dream description: morbid sensitivity

brown bread 3
Meaning: supports friendly

fresh bread 27
Translation of the dream: skills in business

sweet bread 10
Interpretation: contrasts with a young person

salt bread 84
Sense of the dream: much vitality

toasted bread 30
What does it mean: particular success

burnt bread 58
Meaning of the dream: generosity and altruism

unleavened bread 17
Description: shocking revelation

warm bread 32
Interpretation of the dream: health hazard

fried bread 14
Translation: sentimental disappointment

oil bread 31
Dream description: physical endurance

rye bread 72
Meaning: economic concerns

corn bread 67
Translation of the dream: joys family

dipping bread 89
Interpretation: disturbing thoughts

bread in milk 4
Sense of the dream: luck changing

bread in wine 64
What does it mean: disappointments

hamper with bread 66
Meaning of the dream: gradual improvement

weigh bread 83
Description: work proposals

piece of bread 5
Interpretation of the dream: energy on the rise

portion of bread 25
Translation: conclusion unpredictable

amount of bread 51
Dream description: good business

Cool the bread 54
Meaning: protection of relatives

soften the bread 8
Translation of the dream: important negotiations

bread ration 83
Interpretation: prospects excellent

fill of bread 87
Sense of the dream: spiritual maturity

crumble bread 9
What does it mean: restlessness and nervousness

shortage of bread 45
Meaning of the dream: economical solution

stock up on bread 58
Description: new projects

dry bread 56
Interpretation of the dream: prudence in acting

bring out bread 77
Translation: good business

breaking bread 40
Dream description: good harmony in the family

cut bread 39
Meaning: new ideals

touch the bread 27
Translation of the dream: good spirits and health

toast bread 68
Interpretation: new guidelines

chop bread 4
Sense of the dream: trouble with friends

mold on bread 13
What does it mean: unexpected inheritance