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Lift remain blocked. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream lift remain blocked. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

broken lift 33
Meaning of the dream: durable stability

lift with people 46
Description: advantageous accommodation

empty elevator 84
Interpretation of the dream: strenuous events

elevator falling 89
Translation: joy and good humor

lift tampered 31
Dream description: you are afraid to take the wrong path

lift latch 8
Meaning: agitation and impatience

Abbot elevator 85
Translation of the dream: battles lit

public elevator 63
Interpretation: Fear for committing something serious

elevator that rises 2
Sense of the dream: good social relations

elevator that descends 11
What does it mean: concessions needed

open an elevator 65
Meaning of the dream: reflections in religion

elevator of a house 32
Description: good job performance

up with elevator 90
Interpretation of the dream: favorable changes

call the elevator 9
Translation: Success in any field

elevator 69
Dream description: Success in any field

get on the elevator 62
Meaning: confident optimism

lift failure 15
Translation of the dream: many hopes for projects

be in elevator 15
Interpretation: Councils concerned

goods lift 12
Sense of the dream: trying to reach a more favorable job position

remain in the dark 7
What does it mean: excessive ease

enema blocked 80
Meaning of the dream: certain damage

elevator operator 55
Description: letter on the go

remain in office 62
Interpretation of the dream: stop in business

remain in church 84
Translation: concrete achievements

give a ride 74
Dream description: relatives insincere

remain stranded 59
Meaning: reckless conduct

go to ski lift 66
Translation of the dream: incoming letter

Women stay 57
Interpretation: increased resistance to fatigue

remain or stay 33
Sense of the dream: bad advisers

remain an old maid 21
What does it mean: you will be offended

remain caught in a wire 71
Meaning of the dream: be difficult

road blocked 28
Description: impatience

men stay 6
Interpretation of the dream: admiration for the elderly

remain seated 87
Translation: sick passenger

remain standing 80
Dream description: favors from a woman

lift a wounded 11
Meaning: protections from higher

make a hitchhiking 8
Translation of the dream: Do you need help

lift a table 24
Interpretation: constancy in action

lift 39
Sense of the dream: Success in any field

stay poor 66
What does it mean: awards undeserved

stay indoors 58
Meaning of the dream: duty to perform

lift your eyes 86
Description: happiness in love

lift arms 14
Interpretation of the dream: increasing success

lift a boulder 42
Translation: you want to show your strength with unnecessary testing

stay in the car 84
Dream description: aid from friends

stand to an arm 13
Meaning: doubts and uncertainties

barred window 88
Translation of the dream: passion contrasted

stick postage stamps 24
Interpretation: inner conflicts

be surprised 36
Sense of the dream: favorite activities

remains of merchandise 54
What does it mean: triumph of hostilities

being alone 16
Meaning of the dream: happy discovery

be kept in the dark 7
Description: shyness exaggerated