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Refrigerator full of fish. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream refrigerator full of fish. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

full refrigerator 27
Meaning of the dream: adversity, loss of neighbors of the man who holds it

close the refrigerator 26
Description: impatience and rebellion

empty refrigerator 51
Interpretation of the dream: good luck

broken refrigerator 88
Translation: hard problems

refrigerator cell 27
Dream description: someone wants you fail

fridge 18
Meaning: unnecessary waiting

Defrost the refrigerator 80
Translation of the dream: practical mind

sell fish 13
Interpretation: gradual improvement

closet full 45
Sense of the dream: need for thoughts more optimistic

fish of different color 17
What does it mean: growth of disease

Lucerne fish 23
Meaning of the dream: you will have disagreements

weigh fish 66
Description: try to talk to someone who does not want to hear

crumple fish 17
Interpretation of the dream: hopes dashed

importing fish 77
Translation: organizational skills

fish in a glass tank 14
Dream description: stasis in the affective

to smoke fish 46
Meaning: amazement

roundup of fish 17
Translation of the dream: excellent prospects

live fish 47
Interpretation: objective assessments

fish in brine 45
Sense of the dream: confusion and bewilderment

bale of fish 90
What does it mean: new sensations

basket full of fruit 15
Meaning of the dream: favors granted

full cart 52
Description: offers promising

inkwell full 44
Interpretation of the dream: faithfulness in love

chalice full of host 18
Translation: something mysterious happens slowly you are

container full 77
Dream description: uncertainties to be overcome

fish fillet 21
Meaning: important days

full of thoughts 42
Translation of the dream: change and novelty

born fish 39
Interpretation: rain

fishmonger discharging fish 80
Sense of the dream: good luck

full of people 30
What does it mean: danger of leakage

plenty of fish 17
Meaning of the dream: talk inconclusive

cut fish 77
Description: Fortunately momentary

fin fish 73
Interpretation of the dream: sadness and anxiety

slicing fish 32
Translation: friendship in danger

pike (fish) 52
Dream description: struggles

catch big fish 33
Meaning: joy and profit

see catch fish 4
Translation of the dream: children in poor health or dumb

season the fish 21
Interpretation: great imagination

fish in the jar 65
Sense of the dream: physical imbalance

sacristy full of people 84
What does it mean: happy choice

It rotates with fish 87
Meaning of the dream: minor mishaps

horizon full of clouds 55
Description: careful not to get caught off guard by your enemies

jar full 5
Interpretation of the dream: lack of prudence

barn full 45
Translation: abundance and wealth

full shot 24
Dream description: honors

full glass 75
Meaning: greed for money

drawer full 10
Translation of the dream: Hidden Dangers

full bucket 41
Interpretation: probable birth

sheep barn full of animals 38
Sense of the dream: good chance lost

hamper with fish 29
What does it mean: peace in the family

purse full 60
Meaning of the dream: contrasts boring

hamper full 43
Description: Excellent reports

see the birth of fish 38
Interpretation of the dream: joy health

breed fish 17
Translation: death of a woman giving birth or bad

carp (fish) 3
Dream description: pour in better soon

gutting fish 38
Meaning: major projects