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Refrigerator full of sweets. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream refrigerator full of sweets. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

full refrigerator 27
Meaning of the dream: adversity, loss of neighbors of the man who holds it

broken refrigerator 88
Description: hard problems

close the refrigerator 26
Interpretation of the dream: impatience and rebellion

empty refrigerator 51
Translation: good luck

fridge 18
Dream description: unnecessary waiting

assortment of sweets 10
Meaning: concern for parents

Defrost the refrigerator 80
Translation of the dream: practical mind

pack sweets 64
Interpretation: hidden enemies

bag of sweets 72
Sense of the dream: sufferings and pains

basket with sweets 11
What does it mean: hard problems

little basket with sweets 5
Meaning of the dream: greatest hits

donate sweets 64
Description: contrasts minor

spoon sweets 40
Interpretation of the dream: tightening of relations

sell sweets 69
Translation: melancholy and dissatisfaction

exhibition of sweets 8
Dream description: indifference to others

eating sweets 90
Meaning: discontent passengers

glutton for sweets 38
Translation of the dream: betrayal by a friend who will abuse the secrets confided

crumple sweets 59
Interpretation: unjust accusations

use yeast for sweets 62
Sense of the dream: money that will come soon

distribute sweets 65
What does it mean: worries and sorrows

sweets 66
Meaning of the dream: astuteness

pralines (sweets) 13
Description: fortune

packet of sweets 10
Interpretation of the dream: difficult relationships

basket full of fruit 15
Translation: favors granted

full cart 52
Dream description: offers promising

jar full 5
Meaning: lack of prudence

closet full 45
Translation of the dream: need for thoughts more optimistic

full of thoughts 42
Interpretation: change and novelty

wrapping candy 56
Sense of the dream: advantageous purchases

pack of sweets 6
What does it mean: escalation of a dispute

box full 27
Meaning of the dream: foreign relations

inkwell full 44
Description: faithfulness in love

barn full 45
Interpretation of the dream: abundance and wealth

synagogue full of people 36
Translation: good organization

shelf full 31
Dream description: fleeting pleasures

sheep barn full of animals 38
Meaning: good chance lost

drawer full 10
Translation of the dream: Hidden Dangers

purse full 60
Interpretation: contrasts boring

container full 77
Sense of the dream: uncertainties to be overcome

hamper full 43
What does it mean: Excellent reports

box of candy 57
Meaning of the dream: concerns falling

packages of candy 77
Description: precipitous actions

full of people 30
Interpretation of the dream: danger of leakage

full of river 33
Translation: economic benefits

full dresser 77
Dream description: high aspirations

race full of miscellaneous 19
Meaning: Business real estate

sacristy full of people 84
Translation of the dream: happy choice

horizon full of clouds 55
Interpretation: careful not to get caught off guard by your enemies

good candy 6
Sense of the dream: thoughts, disgust

sweet cakes 20
What does it mean: joy

sweet almonds 20
Meaning of the dream: dangerous temptations

swallow candy 76
Description: unstable relationships

candy cherries 32
Interpretation of the dream: return of a loved one

candy peaches 55
Translation: good news

candy purgative 58
Dream description: jealousy and disturbance

full shot 24
Meaning: honors

full torch 71
Translation of the dream: embarrassments

full bottle 60
Interpretation: sudden fever

suitcase full 23
Sense of the dream: optimism