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Receive a key with playing card. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream receive a key with playing card. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

key 28
Meaning of the dream: bond that came to boredom or break with a business partner who can give legal consequences

entrust a key 9
Description: deception male

find the key 20
Interpretation of the dream: overcoming difficulties

lose the key 79
Translation: predicament

house key 14
Dream description: good start for a new job

Key safe 36
Meaning: ephemeral achievements

clock key 48
Translation of the dream: unfounded suspicions

Broken Key 11
Interpretation: disease passing

golden key 77
Sense of the dream: lucrative job

silver key 39
What does it mean: insecurity and indecision

False key 40
Meaning of the dream: opposition in family

iron key 19
Description: faithfulness in love

find the key again 20
Interpretation of the dream: pleasant improvised

losing a key 24
Translation: need of supports

key to the problem 5

dresser with key 75

drawer without key 87

key counterfeit 62

Key safes 7

Diary Key 45

big key 90

key music 81

small key 1

stolen key 17

key found 75

door with the key inserted 86
Meaning: interesting new possibilities

key rings gold 81
Translation of the dream: backbiting colleagues

open door with the key 1
Interpretation: good business

card 30
Sense of the dream: women gossip

ensign card 35
What does it mean: need for more diplomacy

business card 25
Meaning of the dream: adage dangerous

invitation card 29
Description: curiosity satisfied

stamp card 11
Interpretation of the dream: lack of reflection

identity card 23
Translation: prudence trips

bingo card 50
Dream description: reckless appreciations

draft card 60
Meaning: final decision

fill out a card 14
Translation of the dream: nervousness exaggerated

report card 18
Interpretation: unexpected aid

bet on a card 45
Sense of the dream: favorable earnings coli abroad

snowman card 13
What does it mean: rivalry in love

retailer card 27
Meaning of the dream: discreet comfort

record card 16
Description: patience in working

library card 24
Interpretation of the dream: news confirmation

association card 77
Translation: threads controversy

card index 15
Dream description: nervousness exaggerated

card tramway 60
Meaning: nerve irritation

identification card 15
Translation of the dream: harmony in the family

present a card 19
Interpretation: great cunning

make a card 34
Sense of the dream: advantageous purchases

losing a card 20
What does it mean: confidence and sociability

endorse a card 63
Meaning of the dream: next trip

scratch card 36
Description: you are waiting for a response in the economy

cheating card 66

cheater card 4

card of condolence 1

steal card 90

credit card 72

important card 8

lost card 70

card player 66

Camellia Card 40

silk card 45

spades card games 7
Interpretation of the dream: do not trust that to yourself

report card with good grades 66
Translation: unexpected aid

report card with bad ratings 23
Dream description: conflicts with superiors

playing harp 9
Meaning: lasting happiness

child playing 6
Translation of the dream: consolation from children

sharpshooter playing 11
Interpretation: letters from afar

child playing with you 80
Sense of the dream: you have not forgotten the naivete

playing cards 71
What does it mean: trouble and contrasts

playing the guitar 58
Meaning of the dream: inconstancy and lightness

blind playing 17
Description: new relationships

playing the bass 42
Interpretation of the dream: considered judgments

dolphin playing 37
Translation: whims passengers

playing with dogs 48
Dream description: greed

playing dominoes 17
Meaning: next fight

playing dead 56
Translation of the dream: dark period

playing with the dog 89
Interpretation: Good news

Playing golf 53
Sense of the dream: letter good

playing a lute 3
What does it mean: good marriage