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New cemetery. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream new cemetery. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

new cemetery 12
Meaning of the dream: good friendship nearby

cemetery 6
Description: discarded aspects of yourself

cemetery opened 28
Interpretation of the dream: unwillingness

cemetery closed 77
Translation: favorable relations

old cemetery 62
Dream description: refused service

bombed a cemetery 64
Meaning: receipts of money

cemetery illuminated 23
Translation of the dream: risky business

be in the cemetery 89
Interpretation: fortune

Protestant cemetery 38
Sense of the dream: presumption

cemetery with flowers 13
What does it mean: indecision dangerous

visit a cemetery 68
Meaning of the dream: unnecessary worries

go to the cemetery 66
Description: Deception by friends

see a cemetery 75
Interpretation of the dream: illness in the family

widower at cemetery 20
Translation: commitments to be

Cemetery country 19
Dream description: sorrows short

walking in the cemetery 7
Meaning: next person s disease relative

Cemetery city 66
Translation of the dream: changing health

transported to the cemetery 80
Interpretation: waivers unnecessary

religious cemetery 6
Sense of the dream: easy chords

accompany the cemetery 32
What does it mean: aid from friends

pray at the cemetery 80
Meaning of the dream: esteem and recognition

corpse to the cemetery 90
Description: sudden obstacle

coffin in the cemetery 90
Interpretation of the dream: confidences dangerous

widow to the cemetery 30
Translation: slight indisposition

entrance of a graveyard 5
Dream description: ambition realized

priest to the cemetery 69
Meaning: rapid business

new hat 8
Translation of the dream: diplomacy and cunning

new Cardinal 55
Interpretation: try to react to slander

new bra 2
Sense of the dream: meeting of interest

new container 26
What does it mean: solid supports

new century 77
Meaning of the dream: willingness swinging

new coat 1
Description: impositions of relatives

new building 67
Interpretation of the dream: gain and well-paid job

new wine 85
Translation: favorable relationships

new mattress 72
Dream description: interior renovations

new carpet 21
Meaning: good deals

new bolt 89
Translation of the dream: useful and faithful friendships

new aqueduct 41
Interpretation: envy of relatives

new pocketbook 57
Sense of the dream: need to defend themselves

new world 38
What does it mean: validated reports

new vocabulary 56
Meaning of the dream: errors of assessment

new convent 29
Description: expect great wealth

new piano 15
Interpretation of the dream: conquest exciting

new calendar 53
Translation: tips to listen

new sofa 88
Dream description: good health

new notebook 14
Meaning: firm character

wear something new 7
Translation of the dream: joy and profit

new dish 42
Interpretation: harbinger of doom

new business 43
Sense of the dream: uncertainty

see or get something new 3
What does it mean: change of state

new dress 29
Meaning of the dream: concerns about the money

new village 11
Description: desire for detente

a new piece of furniture 70
Interpretation of the dream: you are looking for stability and certainty

new fiasco 73
Translation: satisfactions by a son

New 31
Dream description: would you change your life