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Put sugar plants. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream put sugar plants. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

breed plants 56
Meaning of the dream: physical strength

watering plants 56
Description: sentimental crisis

count plants 73
Interpretation of the dream: friendships safe

weed plants 81
Translation: sudden changes

decorate with plants 18
Dream description: difficulty

marsh plants 81
Meaning: hostile environment

prune plants 55
Translation of the dream: difficult choice

brook with plants 36
Interpretation: friendship interested

staircase with plants 21
Sense of the dream: supports important

greenhouse with plants 15
What does it mean: enthusiasm

plants tamarind 10
Meaning of the dream: unexpected news

transporting plants 74
Description: good solutions

veranda with plants 27
Interpretation of the dream: new hope

vestibule with plants 19
Translation: important events

seize plants 36
Dream description: good trip

gardener who plants 26
Meaning: certain benefit

impale plants 88
Translation of the dream: uncertain business

railing with plants 33
Interpretation: passion paid

knockdown of plants 5
Sense of the dream: great sensitivity

Window with plants 33
What does it mean: improvised by friends

grafted plants 3
Meaning of the dream: changes and novelties

planting plants 74
Description: good working period

sugar 28
Interpretation of the dream: an untrustworthy friend tries to miss

eating medicinal plants 28
Translation: business solved

addition agent plants 58
Dream description: acuteness of observation

crumple sugar 27
Meaning: Deception woman

sugar cane 67
Translation of the dream: struggles in family

bag of sugar 11
Interpretation: self-doubt

weigh sugar 85
Sense of the dream: important deal to return

beat sugar 1
What does it mean: triumph over difficulties

refined sugar 37
Meaning of the dream: trouble from work

Lots of sugar 8
Description: probable invitations

dissolve sugar 36
Interpretation of the dream: serene happiness

sugar syrup 82
Translation: good organization

stock up on sugar 7
Dream description: ailment passenger

sugar stick 8
Meaning: new lucky

barrel with sugar 5
Translation of the dream: prosperity in family

case with sugar 69
Interpretation: firm friendships

buy sugar 10
Sense of the dream: important protections

granulated sugar 59
What does it mean: women gossip

wrapping sugar 72
Meaning of the dream: quarrels with relatives

packet of sugar 78
Description: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

sugar bowl 82
Interpretation of the dream: beware of fake friends

sugar porcelain 47
Translation: expenses to control

sugar factory 6
Dream description: happy news

icing sugar 76
Meaning: complications and losses

sugar clarification 78
Translation of the dream: clarifications to return

sugar donut 87
Interpretation: protection of elderly

Strawberry with sugar 34
Sense of the dream: heavy responsibilities and obligations

Sugar Foam 22
What does it mean: opulence and good health