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Breed plants. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream breed plants. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

breed plants 56
Meaning of the dream: physical strength

count plants 73
Description: friendships safe

breed fish 17
Interpretation of the dream: death of a woman giving birth or bad

planting plants 74
Translation: good working period

transporting plants 74
Dream description: good solutions

impale plants 88
Meaning: uncertain business

seize plants 36
Translation of the dream: good trip

watering plants 56
Interpretation: sentimental crisis

knockdown of plants 5
Sense of the dream: great sensitivity

climbing plants 6
What does it mean: you will face a lot of hard work

weed plants 81
Meaning of the dream: sudden changes

improve the breed 28
Description: unexpected success

addition agent plants 58
Interpretation of the dream: acuteness of observation

prune plants 55
Translation: difficult choice

plants tamarind 10
Dream description: unexpected news

dog breed 52
Meaning: new projects

brook with plants 36
Translation of the dream: friendship interested

staircase with plants 21
Interpretation: supports important

railing with plants 33
Sense of the dream: passion paid

Window with plants 33
What does it mean: improvised by friends

water and treat young plants 87
Meaning of the dream: the success of the children

decorate with plants 18
Description: difficulty

greenhouse with plants 15
Interpretation of the dream: enthusiasm

veranda with plants 27
Translation: new hope

vestibule with plants 19
Dream description: important events

grafted plants 3
Meaning: changes and novelties

fat plants 15
Translation of the dream: impulsive character

breed 6
Interpretation: good tidings

marsh plants 81
Sense of the dream: hostile environment

breed of cat 54
What does it mean: windfall

eating medicinal plants 28
Meaning of the dream: business solved

horse breed 50
Description: confidence and optimism

plant disease 7
Interpretation of the dream: if you could confide more you would be lighter and more graceful

breed of cattle 47
Translation: windfall

pure breed 3
Dream description: sentimental emotions

breed pigeons 69
Meaning: trouble with a woman

plant nursery 49
Translation of the dream: reconciliation and joy

Jewish race 78
Interpretation: call for sacrifices

white race 16
Sense of the dream: climate sentimental good

black race 20
What does it mean: anxiety

yellow race 89
Meaning of the dream: major projects

Aryan race 11
Description: profitable opportunities

human race 82
Interpretation of the dream: important problems to be solved

breed animals 20
Translation: desire to accumulate

breed horses 4
Dream description: hope

race of animals 55
Meaning: love of a great lady or inheritance succession

bastard race 39
Translation of the dream: financial complications

pure-bred animals 52
Interpretation: satisfactions from family

plant shadow 76
Sense of the dream: combativeness

race racing 26
What does it mean: fortune

breeding poultry 52
Meaning of the dream: changes of opinion

pullulation plant 42
Description: renovation

pot plant 80
Interpretation of the dream: changes conducive

race 52
Translation: good tidings

mulberry tree 25
Dream description: great fortune

wash floors 4
Meaning: little annoyances