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Purple satin shirt. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream purple satin shirt. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

purple 2
Meaning of the dream: you love too much pomp

purple off-season 8
Description: love nascent

purple flower 80
Interpretation of the dream: you have to be more determined

Letters written in purple 48
Translation: bad news will arrive within a week

satin 44
Dream description: good deal

satin bodice 53
Meaning: gains and good business

white satin 61
Translation of the dream: physical renewal

black satin 72
Interpretation: dissimulation

red satin 63
Sense of the dream: violent incidents

Satin Damask 25
What does it mean: false oaths

a satin dress 67
Meaning of the dream: reflection and readiness

satin curtains 6
Description: honors the profession

buy satin 8
Interpretation of the dream: rivalry

measure satin 71
Translation: goods thwarted

bend a satin 64
Dream description: useful friendships

sell a satin 80
Meaning: fickleness

giving a satin 58
Translation of the dream: novelty joyful

a stretch satin 76
Interpretation: welcome gift

satin border 10
Sense of the dream: waste of money

satin gasket 56
What does it mean: strong wrath

mantilla satin 63
Meaning of the dream: you love a person younger than you

tiara satin 49
Description: need to develop relations

trade satin canvas or velvet 83
Interpretation of the dream: joy and profit

shirt 40
Translation: future comfort

new shirt 40
Dream description: false flattery

get the shirt 66
Meaning: sufferings of love

buttoning his shirt 1
Translation of the dream: quiet affair

buy the shirt 18
Interpretation: business cheated

selling shirt 13
Sense of the dream: unforeseen expenses

wash your shirt 58
What does it mean: crushes

sewing shirt 61
Meaning of the dream: secret pleasures

iron the shirt 77
Description: pride punished

wear the shirt 34
Interpretation of the dream: benefit safe

dirty shirt 84
Translation: concern for parents

clean shirt 63
Dream description: break with relatives

shirt route 30
Meaning: false promises

men's shirt 20
Translation of the dream: fleeting joys

women's shirt 18
Interpretation: unstable situation

shirt child 12
Sense of the dream: immediate realization

linen shirt 66
What does it mean: prosperity in family

woolen shirt 83
Meaning of the dream: next inheritance

silk shirt 47
Description: lost love

White shirt 2
Interpretation of the dream: danger close

colored shirt 11
Translation: changes in family

striped shirt 14
Dream description: occult treachery

starched shirt 59
Meaning: next job

evening shirt 43
Translation of the dream: plots of women

shirt collar 78
Interpretation: invitations pleasant

flannel shirt 72
Sense of the dream: need to surrender

taking off his shirt 77
What does it mean: sick passenger

Polo shirt 47
Meaning of the dream: awaits great honor