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Purchase strawberries. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream purchase strawberries. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

purchase 29
Meaning of the dream: happy and prosperous fortune

advantageous purchase 67
Description: passing infatuation

wrong purchase 38
Interpretation of the dream: compromises dangerous

purchase postponed 50
Translation: love of neighbor

offer strawberries 78
Dream description: merry events

unripe strawberries 50
Meaning: unexpected complications

strawberries in baskets 23
Translation of the dream: protections equivocal

Good purchase 71
Interpretation: you will need to commit more to work

Strawberries on the plant 59
Sense of the dream: windfall

ripe strawberries 35
What does it mean: good relations

candied strawberries 11
Meaning of the dream: successfully delayed

sweeten strawberries 52
Description: deep crisis

strawberries 16
Interpretation of the dream: welfare

eat strawberries 48
Translation: surprise from relatives

regret a purchase 21
Dream description: commercial prosperity

purchase of land 14
Meaning: await disappointments

purchase of goods 31
Translation of the dream: false inspirations

negotiate a purchase 46
Interpretation: happy marriage

advise against a purchase 14
Sense of the dream: fight for life

garden strawberries 14
What does it mean: carefree hours

collect or eat strawberries 33
Meaning of the dream: much joy

Strawberries in the pot 60
Description: tranquility and safety

basket with strawberries 10
Interpretation of the dream: achieving a goal

wild strawberries 68
Translation: difficulties in work

buying craze 4
Dream description: change the way we live

eating or picking strawberries 19
Meaning: you will have a romance

deciding on a purchase 47
Translation of the dream: desire for new sensations

strawberries with cream 36
Interpretation: lack of objectivity

strawberries with liqueur 60
Sense of the dream: marriage, inheritance, profitable business

purchase books 50
What does it mean: aspiration failed

commission for a purchase 8
Meaning of the dream: general improvement

buying cookware 62
Description: excessive sensitivity

purchase contract 79
Interpretation of the dream: waste of money

strawberry field 10
Translation: balance conquered

buying pearls 5
Dream description: economic difficulties

Strawberry jam 54
Meaning: pleasant trip

jeweler who buys 88
Translation of the dream: inner struggle

antiquarian who buys 32
Interpretation: decrease of vitality

junk dealer who buys 54
Sense of the dream: contrasts passengers

buying a painting 80
What does it mean: unforeseen events

fan buy 7
Meaning of the dream: reveries sterile

buying a car 78
Description: apprehension

essence of strawberry 7
Interpretation of the dream: you have too much pride

Strawberry with sugar 34
Translation: heavy responsibilities and obligations

buy chess 15
Dream description: new possibilities

buy velvet 72
Meaning: great disappointments

buy digger 75
Translation of the dream: informed decisions

buy the overcoat 51
Interpretation: loss of friendships

buy barley 26
Sense of the dream: quick decisions

kimono buy 19
What does it mean: mourning

etiquette buy 4
Meaning of the dream: Success in any field

eat strawberry 29
Description: some aspects of your character are immature

shopping cart 18
Interpretation of the dream: want to achieve

buy real estate 82
Translation: bad encounter