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Cup of strawberries. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream cup of strawberries. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

strawberries 16
Meaning of the dream: welfare

garden strawberries 14
Description: carefree hours

wild strawberries 68
Interpretation of the dream: difficulties in work

Strawberries on the plant 59
Translation: windfall

strawberries in baskets 23
Dream description: protections equivocal

Strawberries in the pot 60
Meaning: tranquility and safety

ripe strawberries 35
Translation of the dream: good relations


unripe strawberries 50
Interpretation: unexpected complications

candied strawberries 11
Sense of the dream: successfully delayed

strawberries with cream 36
What does it mean: lack of objectivity

eat strawberries 48
Meaning of the dream: surprise from relatives

offer strawberries 78
Description: merry events

basket with strawberries 10

sweeten strawberries 52

strawberries with liqueur 60

cup 70
Meaning: luck and good business

collect or eat strawberries 33
Translation of the dream: much joy

eating or picking strawberries 19
Interpretation: you will have a romance

golden cup 47
Sense of the dream: good intelligence

silver cup 31
What does it mean: false view of reality

Cup rout 66
Meaning of the dream: late reflection

win the cup 41
Description: faithful friendships

porcelain cup 76
Interpretation of the dream: missed appointment

Crystal cup 12
Translation: proposals and solutions

plastic cup 57
Dream description: economic interests

soup cup 28
Meaning: chance of success


cup of coffee 73
Translation of the dream: moral revenge

full cup 31
Interpretation: gains and estimate

empty cup 46
Sense of the dream: Discussions with family

broken cup 9
What does it mean: initiatives wrong

cup ground 89

Lead cup 11

cup with champagne 45

Wooden cup 1

Cup of milk 65

cup of ice cream 40

occupy apartment 36
Translation of the dream: successful combination

empty cupboard 36
Interpretation: dangerous inefficiency in work

cupboard with crockery 20
Sense of the dream: illusions and disillusions

strawberry field 10
What does it mean: balance conquered

flour in the cupboard 53
Meaning of the dream: be happy

occupy the fortress 50
Description: moral force

eat strawberry 29
Interpretation of the dream: some aspects of your character are immature

cupboard with flour 76
Translation: need saving

cupboard with bread 56
Dream description: serenity of mind

ancient cupboard 53
Meaning: physical fatigue

porcupine 69
Translation of the dream: delicate affair, embarrassing

white buttercups 80
Interpretation: contrasts with a child

yellow buttercups 62
Sense of the dream: conquest durable

red buttercups 17
What does it mean: nervous tension

buttercups marsh 74
Meaning of the dream: tittle-tattle

buy buttercups 71
Description: happiness in love

sever buttercups 89
Interpretation of the dream: quirks and moods

cultivate buttercups 8
Translation: vitality

do bunches of buttercups 12
Dream description: constancy in the affections

sow buttercups 58
Meaning: obstinacy

sell buttercups 60
Translation of the dream: unstable character

wash up cups 2
Interpretation: demonstrations of trust

buttercups 16
Sense of the dream: sorrows

teacup 66
What does it mean: lively character

tray with cups 16
Meaning of the dream: momentum in activity

acupuncture 29

Acupuncture to themselves 34

Acupuncture others 52

Ace of Cups 62

essence of strawberry 7

Strawberry ice cream 2

to occupy 55

occupation 72

cupid with wings 69

Strawberry with sugar 34

Strawberry jam 54

cups 75
Interpretation of the dream: right time to take on new commitments