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Pull trays. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream pull trays. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

pull 32
Meaning of the dream: nostalgic spirit

pull the target 8
Description: emotions and desires

pull a cart 65
Interpretation of the dream: repair of a fault

see pull confetti 79
Translation: Action unreasonable

pull the strap 30
Dream description: poor luck

pull a stone 40
Meaning: contrasts with the outside world

Pull fencing 8
Translation of the dream: small contrasts

pull the string 56
Interpretation: aid kinship

pull no punches 67
Sense of the dream: inflexible character

pull kisses 87
What does it mean: happy hours

pull a curtain 68
Meaning of the dream: poor discipline

pull the rope 4
Description: expectations disappointed

pull the birds 80
Interpretation of the dream: pitfalls

pull the gun 9
Translation: risk of accidents

pull a wagon 20
Dream description: emotional complications

pull the bellows of a blacksmith 52
Meaning: bad luck to the game

notice a betrayal 22
Translation of the dream: vocation thwarted

an ashtray alabaster 89
Interpretation: wrath

betrayed lover 29
Sense of the dream: insecurity

love betrayed 90
What does it mean: tenacious rancor

cart pulled 57
Meaning of the dream: egocentrism exaggerated

close the tray 20
Description: inhibitions and complexes

pulley 48
Interpretation of the dream: important secrets

betraying the faith 25
Translation: lack of sensitivity

ashtray 70
Dream description: wrath

crystal ashtray 9
Meaning: sense of unease

ashtray quartz 85
Translation of the dream: unjustified mistrust

metal ashtray 68
Interpretation: risk of accidents

clean ashtray 81
Sense of the dream: sudden decision

dirty ashtray 58
What does it mean: Fortunately rising

pullet see with chicks 5
Meaning of the dream: loss and grief

stray goat 37
Description: missed opportunity

stray dog 50
Interpretation of the dream: lucrative job

old stray 44
Translation: contrasts passengers

collect a stray 67
Dream description: rupture of relations

stray 22
Meaning: minor glitches

hair pulling 68
Translation of the dream: disorderly actions

pulling nails 5
Interpretation: tough love

suffer a betrayal 67
Sense of the dream: secret pain

betrayal of a friend 53
What does it mean: novelties like

betrayal of a woman 76
Meaning of the dream: resourcefulness

betray 41
Description: vocation thwarted

betray her husband 82
Interpretation of the dream: unfounded fears

betraying a friend 56
Translation: hard problems

betraying lover 9
Dream description: diplomacy and opportunism

betray his girlfriend 82
Meaning: errors of judgment

betray boyfriend 72
Translation of the dream: momentary whims

betray a benefactor 68
Interpretation: secret love

betraying a cause 1
Sense of the dream: friendship interested

betray a secret 31
What does it mean: uncertainty and anxiety

betraying the homeland 46
Meaning of the dream: abrupt change

tray 84
Description: Waste of money

wooden tray 68
Interpretation of the dream: unrealizable ambitions

brass tray 54
Translation: ambiguous proposals

silver tray 29
Dream description: sudden trip

gold tray 4
Meaning: wishes fulfilled

porcelain tray 85
Translation of the dream: quiet life

large tray 24
Interpretation: order and responsibility

small tray 7
Sense of the dream: moodiness

round tray 26
What does it mean: overcome difficulties

rectangular tray 70
Meaning of the dream: slow improvement

empty tray 33
Description: inner restlessness

tray with biscuits 65
Interpretation of the dream: new friends

tray with dragees 89
Translation: good romantic relationships

tray with chocolates 78
Dream description: important news

tray with cups 16
Meaning: momentum in activity

tray with glasses 60
Translation of the dream: safety and benefits

bring tray 53
Interpretation: profitable business

drop a tray 82
Sense of the dream: economic problems

buy tray 67
What does it mean: new relationships

give tray 35
Meaning of the dream: excellent profits

turkey pullet 11
Description: mental disturbance

pulled down 54

wooden pulley 77

metal pulley 88

brass pulley 23

pulley porcelain 5

betrayed spouse 63

Democrat betrayed 48

betraying spouse 89

pinning betrayals 69