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Throw away the ballast. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream throw away the ballast. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

throw away the ballast 59
Meaning of the dream: you can act as you think

have the ballast 6
Description: We strive to be balanced

throw again 17
Interpretation of the dream: realization of hopes

throw 7
Translation: dangerous enemies

throw a dress 44
Dream description: danger

rent a throw 71
Meaning: dangerous accusations

throw the bomb 81
Translation of the dream: hopes ill-founded

throw the peel 30
Interpretation: impressionability

throw away any object 11
Sense of the dream: You will escape from a difficult situation

throw the butt 10
What does it mean: shady business

throw confetti 43
Meaning of the dream: fanaticism momentary

throw the dart 89
Description: poor security

throw themselves into the pit 15
Interpretation of the dream: bitterness and trouble

throw a stone 36
Translation: melancholy

throw lifesaver other 18
Dream description: unhappy emotional bond

throw the skin 30
Meaning: impressionability

throw a punch 14
Translation of the dream: emotion and ambition

throw away the whey 19
Interpretation: unfortunate investments

throw open 74
Sense of the dream: intelligence vivid

throw stones 42
What does it mean: you strike an opponent violently

shot or throw 11
Meaning of the dream: small disappointments

throw a core 49
Description: overcoming of an obstacle

throw grapes 12
Interpretation of the dream: restlessness

throw away a banana 21
Translation: period of spiritual reflection

throw mud 38

throw odds and ends 8
Meaning: pleasant events

see damned throw into the furnace 66
Translation of the dream: great sadness or illness

throw in your face to someone mussels 48
Interpretation: They are not honest with someone

throw open windows 40

subscribe to bathrooms 88
What does it mean: sorrow of love

bathrobe for kids 80
Meaning of the dream: prosperity

bathrobe 30
Description: personal needs or privacy issues

wearing a bathrobe 15
Interpretation of the dream: projects in family

white bathrobe 17
Translation: sorrows of love

colored bathrobe 21
Dream description: envies

give a bathrobe 12
Meaning: presumption

give away a watercolor 4
Translation of the dream: excessive shyness

give away album 51
Interpretation: reconciliation

step away 23
Sense of the dream: insincerity, treachery of a friend

move away from friends 31
What does it mean: mutual intolerance

away from children 60
Meaning of the dream: apathy

away from their parents 6
Description: desire to escape

away from spouses 29
Interpretation of the dream: disappointments in love

away from the city 90
Translation: distrust of relatives

away from home 45
Dream description: excitement exaggerated

away by the lover 39
Meaning: distrust in the near

away from the spouse 73
Translation of the dream: indifference sentimental

move away from neighbors 68
Interpretation: to avoid disputes

away from danger 21
Sense of the dream: Excessive pedantry

away from the doctor 25
What does it mean: unnecessary controversy

away from superiors 15
Meaning of the dream: poor health

away from school 73
Description: quarrels between friends

away from the game 18
Interpretation of the dream: instability of mood

move away from religion 43
Translation: provocations by subject

bathroom with men 28
Dream description: slander dangerous

bathroom with women 43
Meaning: imminent danger

bombing away 31
Translation of the dream: astuteness in business

through the woods 13
Interpretation: temperament faithful

anthropophagous 78
Sense of the dream: disease

overthrow the boiler 28
What does it mean: family trouble

dressing room bathrooms 72
Meaning of the dream: sadness passing

put chickpeas in bathroom 46
Description: reckless conduct

overthrow the powder 65
Interpretation of the dream: thwarted love

medical breakthrough 20
Translation: favorable movements

send away 76
Dream description: You get mad