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Pull things. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream pull things. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

see pull confetti 79
Meaning of the dream: Action unreasonable

artificial things 10
Description: good news

Pull fencing 8
Interpretation of the dream: small contrasts

various things 5
Translation: quite a good omen

things of all kinds 48
Dream description: you re too distracted

accumulate various things 80
Meaning: visits to many people of knowledge

appropriated things 74
Translation of the dream: susceptibility

broken things 12
Interpretation: embarrassments

lend things 29
Sense of the dream: strange adventure

things found 21
What does it mean: much money

recover lost things 34
Meaning of the dream: unexpected change

war (things military) 88
Description: strength and decision in your projects

see ridiculous things 19
Interpretation of the dream: joy

external things 49
Translation: expected profit

things not fresh or sour 36
Dream description: small disputes

sweet things taste 80
Meaning: deception, gain

do two things at once 15
Translation of the dream: period of passenger stress

see strange things 55
Interpretation: Fortunately in trades

moldy bread or other things 13
Sense of the dream: inheritance from stranger

unearth ancient things 70
What does it mean: you are afraid that you do gossip about you

think of happy things 43
Meaning of the dream: uncertain situation

pull a stone 40
Description: contrasts with the outside world

sacred things 30
Interpretation of the dream: You re lucky

eating things of the sea 3
Translation: infirmity

amount of things 10
Dream description: suffer the misery

possession of things 74
Meaning: good health

see things change into thorns 1
Translation of the dream: great torment

pull kisses 87
Interpretation: happy hours

pull the target 8
Sense of the dream: emotions and desires

pocket for other things 26
What does it mean: painful betrayal

meditate on sacred things 55
Meaning of the dream: persecution of enemies

think about sad things 13
Description: circumstances to be exploited

pull no punches 67
Interpretation of the dream: inflexible character

pull a curtain 68
Translation: poor discipline

enjoy for others' things 31
Dream description: challenging decision

pull 32
Meaning: nostalgic spirit

full of things 26
Translation of the dream: new friends

sacristy with sacred things 3
Interpretation: optimism unconscious

taste sweet things 80
Sense of the dream: deception

pull the bellows of a blacksmith 52
What does it mean: bad luck to the game

pull the birds 80
Meaning of the dream: pitfalls

pull a cart 65
Description: repair of a fault

pull the gun 9
Interpretation of the dream: risk of accidents

adorn themselves with new things 13
Translation: great good news waiting for you within a very short time

pull the strap 30
Dream description: poor luck

pull a wagon 20
Meaning: emotional complications

pull the rope 4
Translation of the dream: expectations disappointed

pull the string 56
Interpretation: aid kinship

ancient means of transport to animal traction 90
Sense of the dream: good future

rough pullover 18
What does it mean: compromising entanglements