Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

prune the vineyard

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: prune the vineyard

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60 prune the vineyard

67 prune trees
lively intelligence and brilliant

55 prune plants
difficult choice

84 prune the olive tree
surprises from relatives

81 vineyard
You will gather the fruits of your efforts

74 go in the vineyard
possibility to exploit

48 fertilize the vineyard
luck in the profession

58 dig the vineyard
skills in business

23 cultivate the vineyard
sentimental harmony

7 vineyard of white grape
excellent relations of friendship

48 countryman pruning
practical decisions

16 gardener pruning
clever thoughts

89 pruning
You will need to make a clean break with a situation that has dragged on pointless

73 pruning vines
to clarify misunderstandings

39 prunes
emotional block or creative

84 shallows prunes
unexpected delays

27 stewed prunes
physical discomfort

18 work in the vineyards
projects to be cultivated

73 winemaker pruning
new knowledge