Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

cultivate the vineyard

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: cultivate the vineyard

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23 cultivate the vineyard
sentimental harmony

51 cultivate the garden
success and recognition

12 cultivate a hobby
lack of communication

12 cultivate the cob
You ve made bad investments

8 cultivate buttercups

76 cultivate roses
affected quiet

81 vineyard
You will gather the fruits of your efforts

74 go in the vineyard
possibility to exploit

48 fertilize the vineyard
luck in the profession

58 dig the vineyard
skills in business

60 prune the vineyard

7 vineyard of white grape
excellent relations of friendship

56 cultivating pearls
fake friends

50 cultivator
marital happiness, increase of fortune

29 cultivating orchids
strange circumstances

49 well cultivated farm
excellent earnings

5 uncultivated land
economic concerns

4 cultivating tulips
rupture of relations

77 cultivated valley
habits change

18 work in the vineyards
projects to be cultivated