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Printed speech. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream printed speech. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

printed paper 61
Meaning of the dream: good faith

printed sheet 25
Description: curiosity satisfied

printed circular 82
Interpretation of the dream: self-confidence and positive energy

read printed 64
Translation: lost love

speech 22
Dream description: next meeting

shorten a speech 70
Meaning: next meeting

agitated speech 32
Translation of the dream: loss of confidence

bombastic speech 4
Interpretation: intransigence over

applaud a speech 70
Sense of the dream: flatterers dangerous

contradict a speech 5
What does it mean: victory over enemies

disapprove a speech 41
Meaning of the dream: intuitions wrong

make a speech 84
Description: durable stability

listen to a speech 29
Interpretation of the dream: challenging decisions

exciting speech 56
Translation: good mood and good fortune

fierce speech 36
Dream description: nervous restlessness

cheat speech 71
Meaning: rapidity of thought

improvise a speech 16
Translation of the dream: recognized merit

wrong speech 6
Interpretation: truth misrepresented

pronouncing a speech 52
Sense of the dream: imprudent steps

regret for a speech 35
What does it mean: interesting offer

recite a speech 45
Meaning of the dream: initiatives guess

summarize a speech 20
Description: resourcefulness and security

reattach a speech 17
Interpretation of the dream: pride accentuated

report a speech 39
Translation: wishes fulfilled

speech scabrous 50
Dream description: clarity of ideas

frank speech 19
Meaning: evidence of affection

a silly speech 76
Translation of the dream: good understanding with friends

unbecoming speech 32
Interpretation: novelty little happy

transmitting a speech 46
Sense of the dream: creative spirit

lengthen the speech 84
What does it mean: you will have disagreements

short speech 67
Meaning of the dream: deceptions

review a speech 16
Description: aggression harmful

Finally a speech 20
Interpretation of the dream: you're trying to make people understand your ideas

lost speech 56
Translation: quick decisions

regained speech 8
Dream description: aid from third parties

start a speech 38
Meaning: inflexible character

speech start 81
Translation of the dream: loss of a friend

closing speech 37
Interpretation: unlucky business

framed prints 5
Sense of the dream: amorous adventures

footprint 55
What does it mean: joy

print letters 2
Meaning of the dream: joy

print brochures 41
Description: new interests

see their footprint 44
Interpretation of the dream: think back to your actions

footprint of man 5
Translation: rigid attitudes

footprint of woman 74
Dream description: conquest difficult

Animal footprint 24
Meaning: ambition fulfilled

Snow on the footprint 67
Translation of the dream: inner conflicts

dust on the footprint 19
Interpretation: complicated life

follow the footprint 20
Sense of the dream: limited needs

limestone footprint 10
What does it mean: inner blocks