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Precipice saved. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream precipice saved. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

be saved 25
Meaning of the dream: a reward you will come to cost a lot

drowned saved 31
Description: tiring days

paper saved 20
Interpretation of the dream: harmony in the family

saved by fire 19
Translation: financial prosperity

saved from a fight 65
Dream description: romances

save or be saved 10
Meaning: you have many resources

precipice 80
Translation of the dream: next fire and serious

see a precipice 22
Interpretation: restlessness

edge of a precipice 61
Sense of the dream: New Adventures

deep precipice 57
What does it mean: bitterness and disappointment

black precipice 26
Meaning of the dream: danger of missteps

fall over the precipice 22
Description: great dynamism

walk on precipice in mountains 67
Interpretation of the dream: Try not to trust too much about the people you know recently

save the flag 14
Translation: arrival of a decisive help

save around the trees 49
Dream description: fake friends

seaplane that precipitates 19
Meaning: considerable difficulties

swim to save someone 87
Translation of the dream: obstacles overcome

precipitate 26
Interpretation: talk of slanderers

save the sinking 12
Sense of the dream: good omen

save a girl 2
What does it mean: issues to be clarified

save money 5
Meaning of the dream: economic concerns

save time 65
Description: shrewdness and cunning

save effort 15
Interpretation of the dream: very delicate health

save your strength 26
Translation: imprudence dangerous

lifesaver cork 38
Dream description: change of situation

throw lifesaver other 18
Meaning: unhappy emotional bond

save 67
Translation of the dream: you have many resources

save a son 18
Interpretation: brisk business

save a friend 81
Sense of the dream: economic benefits

save a man 60
What does it mean: enjoyable event

save a woman 14
Meaning of the dream: deserved success

save a child 34
Description: sudden joy

save themselves from a fall 72
Interpretation of the dream: brilliant statement

save someone from the fire 13
Translation: luck in business

save dall annegarsi 47
Dream description: courage and humanity

aircraft that precipitates 62
Meaning: quarrels inevitable

jet fighters that precipitates 40

precipitous descent 17

reactor which precipitates 44