Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

appear on the brink of an abyss

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: appear on the brink of an abyss

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41 appear on the brink of an abyss
hopes realized

4 abyss
infidelity of friends or partners

28 see abyss
good faith

47 fall into an abyss
reckless action

34 fly over an abyss
little ailments

18 bring halberd
sorrows passengers

60 bring out a drowned by water
revelatory dream

69 appearance
bad sign

64 appearance of saints
reconciliation with relatives

44 appearance of devils
deserved punishment

81 appearance of Christ
protections coveted

84 appearance of god
important moral conquests

18 appearance of relatives
tranquility of mind

59 appearance of friends
enthusiasm for new proposals

14 appearance of enemies
dangerous changes

46 appearance of dead
concentration and profits

80 appearance of old
gratitude unjustified

16 appearance of women
perseverance in love

34 appearance of men
ability to convince

11 appearance of children
business acumen

42 appearance of animals
wise resolutions

84 proud appearance
Sudden movement

90 bring a canopy
donations from elderly

18 bring the flag
kindness towards others

14 brindled ox
merry events

8 see airplane up in the sky and then disappear
deceit by some person who already know well

11 take and bring a herd

58 bring a harmonica
fall into servitude

48 bring a rod

41 briny wine jar

18 bring the bill
you want to be respected

15 bring a candle
career advancement

14 see bring a candle
bitter experience

44 bring slippers
dangerous business

13 bring sackcloth
success on an opponent

19 bring rosette

38 bring necklace
career advancement

3 appears
wealth or luck

16 it appears baptism
balance and safety

31 appears for confirmation
dreams come true

67 appears wedding
chat with neighbors

78 bring horns
strong will

81 bring a corsage
discovery of secrets

56 bring headphones
errors for lightness

40 bring tiara on his head
romantic disappointment

3 bring a deadbolt
sad days await

77 do bring a deadbolt

39 appear
expected surprise

6 bring dagger

13 ghost appearing
anxieties and penis

72 bring gloves
welfare and prosperity

25 bring the lamp
encouraging news

6 bring mourning
next joy

17 appear or mold
awaits a trip

17 bring or see a frasco fastener
You receive false reports

58 bring jade (hard stone) to the finger
luck in the game

32 mare bad appearance
concubine or servant who dreams of marriage

50 bring tears to your face
want to see a situation clearly

59 bring handcuffs
end of a concern

58 bring olives to the mill
instant success

42 disappear in the waves
likely to clarify misunderstandings

68 bring palms
Security and confidence

2 bring hamper

45 bring balaclava
serenity disturbed

30 bring the plume
large vanity

80 bring something heavy
new offspring will increase the family

2 bring stones