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Practical. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream practical. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

practical 13
Meaning of the dream: taste

impractical 80
Description: emotional states to control

common sense 10
Interpretation of the dream: insights false

out of practice 77
Translation: genuine friendships

inconvenient friendship 44
Dream description: knowledge important

practice in song 16
Meaning: claims for interest

paratrooper who practices 38
Translation of the dream: loss to the game

anesthesia practice 5
Interpretation: deep emotions

attend a practice 62
Sense of the dream: Professional trouble

practice in sports 4
What does it mean: honor and profit

physical practice 77
Meaning of the dream: quiet serenity

practicing engineer 27
Description: thirst for profit

facilitate an arrest 43
Interpretation of the dream: fortune and gain

facilitate purchases 6
Translation: abundance

practise 49
Dream description: It is on the right path in life, in the right direction

do arithmetic operations 63
Meaning: good luck next clue to the game

do arithmetic calculations incorrect 7
Translation of the dream: deception

swearing in the woods or meadows 41
Interpretation: shame and give to the rich

make a calculation 27
Sense of the dream: energy on the rise

mathematical calculation 17
What does it mean: danger lurks

complicit in a scam 66
Meaning of the dream: violent

practice a profession 31
Description: serious and lasting ties

practice a sport 27
Interpretation of the dream: good practical sense

baste a scam 25
Translation: strong enticements dangerous

operation 78
Dream description: you need to get something or change their habits

banking operation 23
Meaning: business unclear and dangerous

operation bag 18
Translation of the dream: to curb impulsiveness

arithmetic operation 81
Interpretation: order and precision

financial operation 67
Sense of the dream: referral of project

Surgery 61
What does it mean: personal affirmation

have an operation 10
Meaning of the dream: various unforeseen events

see making operation 51
Description: weakness of character

heart operation 34
Interpretation of the dream: success of intent

operation stomach 17
Translation: solicitude of relatives

operation in one ear 50
Dream description: excessive polemical spirit

eye operation 1
Meaning: bad intentions

throat operation 58
Translation of the dream: quarrels with older people

make a payment 45
Interpretation: Decision affected

participate in a robbery 79
Sense of the dream: difficult situations

be under process 44
What does it mean: agitated life

process put under 73
Meaning of the dream: danger of cheating

win a court case 37
Description: fear of tomorrow

losing a job 25
Interpretation of the dream: friendships wrong

be in the meadows 64
Translation: happy portent for people who have land

organize the robbery 58
Dream description: inner conflicts

witness a robbery 34
Meaning: strong contrasts

testify for a robbery 88
Translation of the dream: uncertainty and doubt

claim by judicial process 14
Interpretation: peaceful solutions

result of an operation 19
Sense of the dream: encouragement and satisfaction

turn the straw 21
What does it mean: talk out of envy

trail impassable 24
Meaning of the dream: disappointment in love